Distance sensor

Partly due to the pandemic, we have become even more aware of how important it is not to be in one specific room with too many people at the same time. As a result, insight into the occupancy rate has become crucial. SmartEagle can help monitor occupancy rates in offices, conference rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants, retail stores and other public spaces, so you can provide a pleasant and safe workplace for your employees.
Distance Sensoring
Distance Sensor dashboard

The problem

Every employer or facility manager should ensure that people feel comfortable and safe at work. During the corona pandemic, it was not for nothing that people kept insisting to keep 1.5 meters away from each other. Apart from the risk of infecting others, it is just nice for everyone to have enough space and fresh air while working. We developed the Distance Sensor to help facility managers with this.

Extra details

How does the Distance Sensor work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used to detect people in the space.  The initial function of the SmartEagle is to measure workplace occupancy and help people to find an available workplace faster. It has already been trained with ML and recognizes, among other things, people, coffee cups and laptops. Additionally, the Distance Sensor is trained to recognize the difference between people and everything else in the room. 

Anonymous data

SmartEagle Distance Sensor does not use smartphones or other devices to monitor the distances. The sensors record images but do not store them in a database. The data is anonymous. Only the number of people in the room and their distance are registered. Images are immediately coded by means of ML. The facility manager indicates which distances are permissible in which situations and can set this distance himself. 

Other cases

BACE team


Evalan has developed BACE to help companies implement IoT solutions in a faster and easier way. BACE is an IoT building block that allows you to connect and track all your assets in a secure, reliable, and future-proof way.
ARMOR hittebelasting monitoren

Ministry of Defense

It is unclear what the effect of heavy training and deployments is on soldiers’ health. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, we have developed the ARMOR heat monitor, which monitors the heat stress of soldiers.
SmartEagle solution


SmartEagle is an innovative sensor that helps you manage and use workplaces and meeting rooms in your company in a flexible, safe, and optimal way.
Beer monitoring


Heineken was looking for an IoT solution to monitor beer stocks so that they can improve the logistics process and increase quality. We (re)developed a remote monitoring system that helps them with this.


Handicart rents 760 golf carts, spread over 113 golf courses throughout the Netherlands. We developed a solution to manage their fleet more efficiently.


For the water company Vitens, we developed a wireless sensor system so that they can detect and prevent leakages faster.