Posted on - June 14, 2022

Smart Eagle

Smart Eagle is an innovative sensor that helps you manage and use workplaces and meeting rooms in your company in a flexible, safe, and optimal way.

The project

Smart Eagle is the solution for the ‘new way of working’ in the office of the future, which is based on the flexible and safe use of available workplaces and meeting rooms. The sensor gives you and your employees real-time insight into the current status of each workplace and meeting room via a digital dashboard and user-friendly app. In addition to determining the status of the workplace, the Smart Eagle sensor can be used to determine how many people are in a room. Smart Eagle is ideal for use in offices, shops, restaurants, classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, healthcare institutions and other public spaces.

The problem

As an employer, you want all available workplaces and meeting rooms to be used as effectively and efficiently as possible. Employees must immediately see where a workplace is available or where space is available for a meeting, internal consultation, brainstorming session or customer reception. Especially in larger companies with many flexible workplaces, divided over different departments and several floors, a lot of valuable time and a lot of annoyance can be saved. Smart Eagle offers a solution.

The solution

With SmartEagle, employers, facility managers, and all employees have real-time insight into the workplace status, anytime, anywhere. Smart Eagle uses object recognition to paint a picture of the availability of each workplace: occupied/available/sign of life. Via the online dashboard or user app, everyone can immediately see if workplaces or meeting rooms are still available at the company, or if it is wise to work from home or from another location. The facility management dashboard shows the current status of the workplaces and the rooms and their progress over time. This insight helps them to make the best possible use of all available workplaces or meeting rooms. Smart Eagle allows employees to quickly gain insight into the status of each workplace via the app and find a workplace faster. 

The key benefits

  • Finding an available workspace more efficiently and quicker. 
  • Insights for facility managers that lead to lowering costs, for example, by only cleaning the rooms that have been used.
  • Secure and anonymized data. 
SmartEagle solution
Dashboard SmartEagle

More information

Technical details 

The sensor is mounted on the ceiling in a workspace and requires 230V power. At a mounting height of up to 2.60 meters, one sensor has a detection range of 4.80 x 3.20 meters. Larger spaces, such as open-plan offices, can be divided into several detection zones, with each zone equipped with a separate sensor for workplace occupancy. The sensor communicates with the Cloud via a wireless or wired connection. 

AVG Proof 

The privacy of all attendees is 100% guaranteed under all circumstances because Smart Eagle does not use camera detection but smart sensors that only detect whether there are people or dynamic objects (items and/or personal belongings that are not standard in a certain room or workplace). Smart Eagle, therefore, does not show anyone recognizable and no personal data are registered or exchanged in any way. This makes Smart Eagle not only an extremely functional detection system but also completely AVG-proof. 

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