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Disdro sensor: Beyond disdrometers and rain gauges

The Disdro Sensor replaces costly disdrometers and inaccurate rain gauges and sends its measurements in real time to the cloud.
Disdro sensor

Collecting data from the physical world can help make smarter decisions, simplify processes, and solve daily problems. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to collect this data in real time in the cloud, instead of periodically inspecting a local gauge.

EVALAN now offers a connected Disdro Sensor, a cost-effective and highly accurate alternative to the current disdrometers and rain gauges in the market.

More than a disdrometer or rain gauge

The Disdro Sensor is a smart device with data processing capabilities and real-time communication that provides continuous and detailed information about precipitation at high spatial resolution in real time.

Through a drum, the Disdro Sensor “listens” to the rain and transforms the vibrations into electric energy to then calculate the size of the drop, the distribution, the volume of water and the linear units of rainfall.

The Disdro Sensor’s high sensitivity allows it to provide precise readings even in instances of low rainfall, excelling in heavy rainfall conditions where other rain gauges may falter. Additionally, it can differentiate between rain and hail providing accurate measurements for both.

The Disdro Sensor’s uniqueness lies in its smart data processing capabilities, enabling it to provide accurate readings while remaining a cost-effective device.

The benefits 

The Disdro sensor is designed to meet the necessities of the market, which is why it is:

  • Affordable, accurate and reliable.
  • Highly sensitive to both low and heavy rainfall.
  • Accurate in measuring and differentiating between rain and hail.
  • Robust and low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Connected to the Cloud, delivering measurements once a minute or as often as desired.

The Use Cases

The Disdro sensor can be used in contexts where disdrometers and rain gauges are normally utilized including among others:

  • Weather stations
  • Farming activities
  • Smart dikes
  • Real-time calibration of radar images
  • Tunnel alarm systems
  • Road monitoring
  • Airport runway monitoring

The Disdro sensor applied

EVALAN is currently working in partnership with NACO (Netherlands Airports Consultants) to implement an innovative IoT infrastructure that enables real-time airport runway monitoring with the Disdro Sensor.

NACO aims to streamline the mandatory process of runway condition assessment and reporting for airport operators in the aviation sector by providing a real-time and continuous monitoring service through this innovative solution, which includes monitoring of runway wetness and water levels that would otherwise require manual checks.

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