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Impacting Health, Safety, and Performance with IoT-based Biometrics

In this white paper we discuss the upswing of biometric wearables within healthcare and other demanding professions. Biometric wearables create new possibilities, such as greater efficiency and improving the quality of people’s lives. This white paper helps you to gain insight in the use of IoT-based biometrics, the current status in the market as well as the benefits these developments can bring about for your organization.

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We also work with Philips, Bristol-Myers Squibb , Boehringer Ingelheim, GGD Gelderland Midden, GGD Utrecht, Sint Lucas Andreas Ziekenhuis, Rode Kruis, Novartis, LUMC, Haga Ziekenhuis, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis, SEIN (Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland), Queen Mary University, AZ Dalmiaan, CHRU Tours, University of Zurich (UZH), SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science), Czech Technical University Prague en VU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).