Improving indoor climate in the office with IoT

Rijksvastgoedbedrijf was looking for a solution that would allow them to automatically control the indoor climate and achieve their sustainability goals.

Rijksvastgoedbedrijfasked us to develop an IoT solution that helps make buildings more sustainable. Currently, buildings are responsible for about 40% of our energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union. The aim of the Central Government Real Estate Agency’s IoT solution is to ensure less energy consumption and thus improve lower energy costs and comfort.

Smart indoor climate system for buildings

Our solution consists of a smart system that can also automatically regulate and optimize the indoor climate. Sustainability objectives can be achieved with the system developed. The IoT system works accurately and measures various parameters, such as CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity. By adjusting the settings where necessary, energy consumption can be reduced and the entire company benefits from the ideal indoor climate.

Automatic climate control

It is possible to adjust the settings automatically with the climate control system. You do not have to worry about it; the sensors measure, and the system does the job. Our IoT system ensures the indoor climate is optimized.

Increased productivity, less absenteeism, lower costs

In addition to energy optimisation, a healthy indoor climate also contributes to the productivity of employees. Rooms that are poorly ventilated lead to concentration problems, headaches and reduced energy. By collecting real-time data, accurately monitoring spaces and deploying automation, you can improve air quality and ensure a comfortable and healthy working environment for visitors.

Our indoor climate system is also suitable for environments other than the office, such as schools, hospitals and nurseries.


  • Measuring CO2, temperature and humidity real time
  • Use of wireless sensors
  • Objective measurements that lead to an optimal control of the indoor climate, manually or automated
Our indoor climate system is also suitable for other environments than offices. At school pupils learn better and in hospitals patients feel more comfortable.

Are you interested in improving your indoor climate with IoT?

We can adapt our climate system and integrate it into your building. Together we can create an appropriate solution for your building.