Measuring social distance in a space with SmartEagle

How can your company adapt to the 1.5-meter society within the office walls? Together with our spin-out company SmartEagle, we have developed a Distance Sensor that measures the distance between people in a room.

Public life will boot up again: employees will go back to the office, restaurants will open and children will go back to school. This does not mean that we are able to return to the daily cycle we are used to before the Corona virus broke out in the Netherlands. How do we proceed from the intelligent lockdown and how do we adapt to the new society in which 1.5 meters remains the norm? The SmartEagle Distance Sensor is the solution.

Overall view of occupancy and use of space

SmartEagle uses optical sensors to measure the number of people in the room, even people at a specific desk, allowing the sensor to detect whether they are as much as 1.5 meters away. In addition, SmartEagle also measures the number of people in a room. This gives an overall picture of the occupancy and the use of the space.

Alarm when 1.5 meter is endangered

When the room gets too crowded and the 1.5 meter is endangered, SmartEagle gives a signal by means of an alarm. This alarm can take many forms: a traffic light that turns orange or red, a notification on your phone when you register your phone in the system or a broadcast message. Many other forms of communication can be used. 

How does the Distance Sensor work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used to detect people in the space.  The initial function of the SmartEagle is to measure workplace occupancy and help people to find an available workplace faster. It has already been trained with ML and recognizes, among other things, people, coffee cups and laptops. Additionally, the Distance Sensor is trained to recognize the difference between people and everything else in the room. 

Anonymous data

SmartEagle Distance Sensor does not use smartphones or other devices to monitor the distances. The sensors record images but do not store them in a database. The data is anonymous. Only the number of people in the room and their distance are registered. Images are immediately coded by means of ML. The facility manager indicates which distances are permissible in which situations and can set this distance himself. 


  • Provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors
  • Real-time insight into the occupation of a room and the social distance
  • An automatic notification when the specified distance is exceeded 

Interested in the SmartEagle Distance Sensor?

Together with our spin-out company SmartEagle, we have developed a Distance Sensor that measures the distance between people in a room. We can also implement this IoT solution for you. Get in touch with us.