New Smart Building Solution Delivered

Last week, Evalan completed the new smart building solution, bGrid™, in an OVG Real Estate building. OVG develops smart, high-tech office buildings with a sustainable footprint. One of OVG’s core objectives in the development of these buildings is creating healthier working environments, with added value solutions for the building’s occupants, by using smart technology. OVG successfully achieved this objective in “The Edge”, a recently completed office building at the Amsterdam “Zuidas” that is considered to be one of the greenest and smartest office buildings in the world. OVG continued on this path of innovation in smart building technology in its new project SPARK, an office building located near the Sloterdijk train station in Amsterdam.

bGrid™ Solution

For the SPARK building OVG chose to implement bGrid™ to power its central communications infrastructure in the building. bGrid™ is a Wireless Sensor Network Solution that combines technical functions with user interaction functions. In the bGrid™ concept, “nodes” are placed in a high density network throughout the building. These nodes collect sensor information, act as beacons, interact with elements such as displays and actuators, control lamps and record locations of BLE  devices. They send their information to gateways, and receive instructions from these gateways to control their operating mode.


The bGrid™ solution has been developed by Evalan and customized for OVG. In SPARK it has been integrated on a large scale in the building’s lighting system. In this process, Evalan has worked closely together with OVG Real Estate, Deerns, Philips, Mapiq and HCRT.