Smart Office Solution in the Edge

Evalan developed an IoT infrastructure for OVG Real Estate in the Edge, an office building in Amsterdam. OVG Real Estate develops smart, high-tech office buildings with a sustainable footprint. One of OVG’s core objectives in the development of these buildings is creating healthier working environments, with added value solutions for the building’s occupants, by using smart technology. OVG successfully achieved this objective in “The Edge”, an office building at the Amsterdam “Zuidas” that was completed in 2014 and is considered to be one of the greenest and smartest office buildings in the world.  Evalan’s IoT infrastructure makes it possible to find empty workspaces, find colleagues and book meeting rooms. The work space can be personalized by adjusting the temperature and controlling the lights.

In a video made by CNN, more features of the Edge are explained. “The Edge is more than a building, it is a living structure. A building that learns about our habits.” according to CNN. “And as the Edge has learned about our habits at work, we have learned from the Edge. In designing better buildings and ultimately a better way of life.”