Smart SPARK Building


Evalan is developing and implementing a new smart sensor solution in the OVG SPARK building to help transform it into one of the most advanced office buildings in the Netherlands. In SPARK, the human user is key. Users have individual control over lighting and heating through an app. The ventilation in conference rooms is automatically adjusted based on the monitoring of CO2 levels. The building also anticipates presence by using Bluetooth.

Evalan realizes a unique combination of functionalities in one smart sensor network, by using sensors that interact with user devices present, gather the data in real time and interact with these devices through applications. By using real-time information, it’s possible to instantly respond and anticipate. The functionalities consist of sensors that measure temperature, relative humidity, ambient light, CO2 level and presence (PIR) at the same time, beacons to tell the location to the user and localization to locate devices and persons within +/- 2 meter.

This solution is custom made for OVG and is integrated on a large scale in the building’s lighting system. In order to implement this, Evalan works closely together with OVG Real Estate, Deerns, Winvision, Mapiq and HCRT.