How your company can start benefiting from the Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart machines and (Industrial) Internet of Things (IoT or IIoT) solutions have caused a lot of buzz in recent years. Most market experts forecast not only substantial growth for this market, but also a major reshaping of industry as a result. Until now, however, smart machine uptake has been relatively slow, while most of the data being generated by smart systems remains unused. Among the reasons for this are a lack of knowledge and worries about cost, complexity and unclear yields.


4 + 1 = ?

In this white paper, we explain what smart machines and IoT solutions are and can do, outlining the current status of this market and looking at the risks and opportunities we see in our business practice and among our customers and prospects. We explain why we believe smart machines will unavoidably go mainstream in the coming years and indeed reshape customer expectations, business models, markets, industries. We also look at how entry-level solutions – simple, inexpensive and small-scale – are helping many of our customers to get started with IoT, often with results that exceed initial expectations. We share how many customers start using a smart solution to solve a specific problem, but soon move on to discover the potential of the data their solution is generating: from troubleshooting to business model transformation.

Finally, we offer considerations as to how to prepare your organisation for smart machine implementation and what to look for in an IoT partner. We also present several cases from our own practice.

How your company can start benefiting from the Internet of Things (IoT)