Placed on – 1 May 2017

Evalan and Deerns establish bGrid

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Evalan and Deerns establish bGrid

Evalan and Deerns have formed bGrid, a new company that offers Smart Building solutions. bGrid’s solutions create infrastructures that enable new functions to the users of buildings  and that optimize their performance.

bGrid is built on the belief that technology can change a building into the Personal Assistant of its user, making work more effective, pleasant, safe and sustainable. bGrid achieves this through the deployment of smart sensor networks, which are integrated with the Building Management System on one end, and interact with individual users on the other. This delivers functions such as smart lighting and climate control, positioning of business resources (asset tracking), measuring building usage and optimising security. The network enables Apps with which users can find colleagues, locate empty desks and reserve meeting rooms.

A Smart Building that supports users

BGrid is located in Amsterdam and will be managed by Wouter Kok, who was previously Director at Deerns Nederland. “A smart building is a building that breathes, nurtures and supports” is how Kok expresses his vision for bGrid.  “It responds to its users’ actual needs, and lets its users flourish. Enabled by continuous interaction between the users and their environment.”

Smart Building Technology

Evalan is an innovation company that provides state-of-the-art IoT technologies based on real time, wireless measurements and monitoring. Deerns is an engineering consultancy that focusses on the world of real-estate since 1928. Evalan and Deerns have worked on Smart Building technology since 2010. For more information see For more information about Deerns, see

Evalan and Deerns establish bGrid

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