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Healthier students through the year: monitor indoor air quality with IoT

Educational institutions are under heavy scrutiny to keep everyone healthy. A building with poor air quality is an ill building that will inevitably lead to ill occupants.
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Governments around Europe are taking steps to ensure optimal indoor air quality in schools and buildings as a way to secure occupants’ good health and well-being. In that sense, the Netherlands has so far mandated CO2-meters in every classroom, while Belgium —for example— has additionally mandated it in the hospitality industry, cultural, sports and nightlife sectors.  

“In the Netherlands, the government allocated 17 million euros to help schools with the costs.” 

The Need 

Our client urgently needed a reliable out-of-the-box solution that would enable them to comply with the mandate, while also allowing them to:  

  • Keep CO2 concentrations lower than 900ppm (parts per million).  
  • Monitor the air quality in each classroom and throughout the school continuously (24/7) and in real-time. 
  • Measure, log and present their indoor air quality data.  
  • Receive alerts and notifications when unhealthy levels present themselves. 
  • And visualize the data in a reliable and user-friendly dashboard.  

“Good indoor air quality more than doubles an individual’s cognitive performance.” 

The Solution 

EVALAN’s solution BACE is easy to deploy and easy to install. The solution measures key parameters in real-time and shares said information with the people in the room (via a LED indicator) and with building managers (to show them problem areas in the school) so that actions can always be taken to ensure healthy air quality. 

Furthermore, the solution is easily integrated with the existing systems in the building and comes with a dashboard where data can be presented and visualized in different forms based on the needs of the diverse stakeholders.  

The Benefits  

By using EVALAN’s solution in their school, our client can:  

  • Adhere to air quality standards and compliance requirements.  
  • Streamline indoor air quality management to save time, money and resources. 
  • Detect ventilation anomalies (e.g., rooms and locations that structurally have worse air quality). 
  • Carry out a risk analysis and draw up an action plan. 
  • Keep students and teachers healthy and improve their general well-being.  
  • And inform school visitors and parents about their indoor air quality. 

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