Placed on – July 16, 2019

Partnership BAM and Evalan for better indoor climate and user convenience


We have reached a partnership agreement with BAM Bouw en Techniek bv. In close collaboration we develop sensors that measure environmental parameters such as air quality, light and other room conditions. The sensor becomes part of a new modular product from BAM Modular, the specialized unit within BAM that aims to boost industrialization within the construction sector. We are proud to be able to contribute to sustainability, comfort, health and aesthetics, thereby helping to improve the indoor climate of buildings.


BAM is launching a new innovation: a Modular Room Interaction System (MORIS). The construction giant has asked us to provide part of the technology for this innovative solution. We develop a module with several sensors that measure the indoor climate. This module is installed invisibly in the ceiling. Various functions of the building are controlled via the module from the building management system. Users can choose their ideal room settings via their mobile device or via a room control panel.

The functions of the Multisensor module
The Multi-sensor module primarily measures environmental parameters such as temperature, VOC, eCO2, light intensity, sound intensity and the presence of people. This is communicated to the building management system via MOD-bus and DALI with which, among other things, the ventilation and heating can be regulated. In addition, the module sends these values via Bluetooth to the users who can, for example, set the temperature or lighting in a certain room via their mobile. To ensure that BAM does not have to check every sensor to ensure that it works, we will develop a commissioning tool that works closely with the BIM model.

Control of all functions from one system
One of the biggest advantages of the Multisensor module is that you can control all functions in the building from one central point. Via Bluetooth you can make all kinds of adjustments, such as the light or the temperature in a room. For example, users can easily set up a room when they are going to present: with one push of a button, the lighting dims, AV devices turn on and the sun blinds drop. The user can manage and activate all devices with the phone. Even before they enter the room. Another advantage of the new system is the automation of the adaptations to the indoor climate. The sensors, for example, continuously measure the CO2 value in the air and automatically ventilate the room based on this. In addition, the light intensity is adjusted automatically, which yields potential energy gains. This ensures a more sustainable building and lower costs for the manager.

Development of prototypes
We are now at the start of developing the prototypes in which we will make both hardware, firmware and the housing. The aim is to achieve the highest possible performance. The first ten prototypes will be delivered in October to test with BAM if everything works as planned. Henk Schwietert: ”Thanks to the good cooperation with BAM and our own enthusiastic team, we are confident that we will make the BAM Multi-sensor module a success.

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