Placed on – 7 April 2021

Senior software engineer Mattia: “Evalan stands for collaboration”

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Senior software engineer Mattia: “Evalan stands for collaboration”

For this interview, we asked Mattia everything under the sun. What does he think of his role within Evalan, and what is he most proud of?

Mattia has been working as a senior software engineer at Evalan since January. He is part of a team of four engineers who focus on developing firmware for various IoT products. His team does this in a DevOps way, automating and optimizing the processes with technology. This means they can build the firmware faster and more efficiently, and it can be delivered to the customer earlier. Mattia: “It is a versatile position in which I deal with multiple parts of the development process and different IoT solutions.”

Working from home requires more focus
Due to the pandemic, Mattia’s working days look very different. He mainly works from home, which he finds tedious and hinders his focus. He also misses his colleagues and, correspondingly, a good work atmosphere. Mattia: “I try to go to the office once a week. When I do not go to the office, I occasionally switch workplaces within my house. This helps to break the daily grind and to be able to focus properly.”


Working towards sprints
Mattia’s schedule differs from day to day. On days when he has few meetings, he focuses on development. Many meetings? Then he completes peripheral matters that require less focus. The meetings are often about the planning for the sprint. Evalan works in sprints of two weeks, in which high-level goals, such as developing new features for a customer’s product, are executed. During the meetings, the team determines the activities necessary to achieve the goal.

Element of surprise
What does he enjoy most about his job? Mattia: “The best thing is that I work on many products that are not yet fully-fledged. Nothing is definite in this phase. A lot is still in motion. It may be that a new use case just appears from nowhere. You have to respond to that. It has an element of surprise. You may be doing something completely different in two weeks from now.”

Time schedule
Focusing on different projects also creates challenges, says Mattia. His work planning is the biggest challenge. It is difficult to determine the right time schedule to complete a task. Sometimes he makes an estimation error, or a feature turns out to work differently than he intended. Mattia then creates a new plan and focuses on reverse engineering. This means that you first look at how the feature works in practice and then adjust it based on that knowledge.

Most proud of developing BACE Go
Mattia first worked for bGrid, smart building expert and spin-out company of Evalan. He made the switch to Evalan in January, and since then, he has been working on various IoT products. Working on BACE Go, a cloud-connected wearable solution is his favorite activity. Mattia: “This is where Evalan’s future lies. The great thing about wearable devices is that you give the customer something tangible. Something that they can hold and wear. Unlike other IoT solutions, with wearables, the emphasis is on ease of use. How do you create a device that is as user-friendly as possible? That is what I find most interesting.”


The development of the BACE Go is, therefore, what Mattia is most proud of. When he started at Evalan, all functionalities had only just been finished, and the wearable was not yet working optimally. Now, three months later, the first pilot has been completed. Mattia: “This development process went fast. I am proud that we have realized a well-functioning product so quickly.”

Sales manager Mattia?
When asked how Mattia would describe Evalan in one word, Mattia says: “Collaboration. I think that is a strong quality of the Evalan team. Everyone helps each other, and you work together towards a goal.”

What other position would Mattia like to try out for one day? He answers this question by saying that it would be a position completely outside his expertise, for example sales. Because this is unknown territory, he would find it a fun and interesting experience.

After the lockdown …
What will Mattia do once the lockdown is over and corona measures have been relaxed? Mattia: “The very first thing is probably having a beer somewhere. And I am also looking forward to going bouldering with colleagues again. That was always the highlight of the week. First bouldering and then a beer. Yes, that will be it!”

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