Real-time physiological monitoring can make a major contribution to multiple sectors, such as healthcare, sports and physically demanding professions (like firefighting, military training, and certain industrial processes). By combining wearable tech with the Internet of Things (IoT), users can gather more accurate, and more valuable, real-time biometric data than ever before. Applying this winning combination can lead to increased efficiency, higher performance levels, and improved safety.

Use cases

These use cases highlight the ways in which IoT can help improve the quality of care and safety of professionals.

Other IoT-solutions

Asset tracking

Monitor and track the exact location, status, fuel consumption and other relevant information of your assets.

Energy management

Gain insight into energy usage by collecting real-time data and optimizing usage accordingly.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce manual work and errors, boost quality and maximize output by automating processes.

Condition monitoring

Measure parameters and monitor performance to detect whether equipment operates at its full potential.

Environmental monitoring

Reduce emissions and minimize your carbon footprint to achieve your sustainability goals.