OVG Real Estate

OVG Real Estate wants Spark to become a smart building. They developed a concept to create one of the most advanced office buildings in the Netherlands. In SPARK it is all about the user: the building is the personal assistant. In addition, OVG also wanted to improve the climate system to make energy consumption more efficient. We supplied the IoT infrastructure to realize this concept. The result is a more efficient, sustainable and cheaper building.
Spark SmartBuilding
OVG Real Estate

The problem

OVG develops smart, high-tech office buildings with a sustainable footprint. One of OVG’s core objectives in the development of these buildings is creating healthier working environments, with added value solutions for the building’s occupants, by using smart technology. To achieve this, they implemented our smart building infrastructure.

Extra details

Interaction with users

With bGrid installed, users are able to:

  • Set personal light and climate settings via an app
  • Automatically adjust ventilation in rooms, based upon the number of people present
  • Swiftly find their way with the internal routing
  • Find an empty workstation easily
  • Find colleagues quickly
  • Book a room easily

Other cases

BACE team


Evalan has developed BACE to help companies implement IoT solutions in a faster and easier way. BACE is an IoT building block that allows you to connect and track all your assets in a secure, reliable, and future-proof way.
ARMOR hittebelasting monitoren

Ministry of Defense

It is unclear what the effect of heavy training and deployments is on soldiers’ health. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, we have developed the ARMOR heat monitor, which monitors the heat stress of soldiers.
SmartEagle solution


SmartEagle is an innovative sensor that helps you manage and use workplaces and meeting rooms in your company in a flexible, safe, and optimal way.
Beer monitoring


Heineken was looking for an IoT solution to monitor beer stocks so that they can improve the logistics process and increase quality. We (re)developed a remote monitoring system that helps them with this.


Handicart rents 760 golf carts, spread over 113 golf courses throughout the Netherlands. We developed a solution to manage their fleet more efficiently.
Distance Sensoring

Distance sensor

How can you ensure that people at work feel safe and comfortable by creating sufficient space? We have developed a Distance Sensor that measures the distance between people in a room.