ARMOR is the Heat Monitor for professionals in physically demanding sectors. By measuring biometric data during professional training, ARMOR helps professionals in charge of people working in demanding sectors identify heat stress in real-time and thus avoid injuries.

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About ARMOR Heat Monitor

Heat stress is a significant problem among soldiers. Heavy gear, protective clothing, and strenuous physical exertion cause the core body temperature to rise sharply.

The consequences of this can be serious: think of disorientation, loss of consciousness, or seizures. These heat-related injuries can lead to permanent health damage and even death. Therefore, EVALAN was asked to develop an accurate and reliable heat monitoring solution. The result: ARMOR Heat Monitor.

ARMOR consists of a heart rate sensor, the ARMOR device and the ARMOR app.

Real-time information

The ARMOR application provides an overview with details of all participants. For each participant, the current estimated body core temperature and the physiological strain index (PSI) are shown. The PSI is a rating of the relative heat strain on a scale of 1 to 12.
The application shows the exposure risk using a color scheme (green, orange, red) which can also be customized by the supervisor.

As soon as the heat strain of a participant is too high, the app will sound an alarm. The supervisor can then immediately intervene and initiate actions according to a defined protocol.

Implementation ARMOR Heat Monitor

Choosing ARMOR Heat Monitor means choosing an integrated company policy to prevent health damage due to heat stress.
The policy or protocol describes how the deployment of ARMOR Heat Monitor is handled and what actions take place after being alerted by the system.

The security of personal and medical data of monitored individuals is also included in this policy.

ARMOR Use Cases:

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Yes, the solution was designed for privacy. It will not determine a person’s identity. The only information shared will be the occupancy metadata of the workspace.

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