Heat Stress Monitoring Wearable

ARMOR is the real-time monitoring solution helping professionals in physically demanding sectors identify heat stress. By measuring biometric data during strenuous activity, ARMOR provides insight into core body temperature to avoid heat-related injuries.

ARMOR is an accurate and non-invasive system. Due to its ease of use, it is widely applicable to all kinds of professions with a risk of heat injury including:

‣ Military
‣ Endurance athletes
‣ Firefighters
‣ Industrial workers
‣ Construction workers
‣ Agricultural workers

Real-time monitoring solution for identifying heat stress


Insights into core body temperature to prevent heat stress risks.


Quick and easy to use and comfortable to wear it.


Direct feedback to the supervisor through the ARMOR app.


Proven patented ECTemp algorithm technology.

Heat regulation and heat injury

During strenuous activity, the human body generates heat. The body then tries to dissipate excess heat through sweat to prevent the core temperature from rising too much.  

Insulating or protective clothing, heavy gear, or intense physical activity, as well as high humidity, hot temperatures or lack of wind can prevent the body from dissipating sufficient heat, thus making the core body temperature rise to unhealthy levels and causing heat injury. 

Heat-related injury takes many forms and can be serious. These range from mild symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and temporary disorientation to life-threatening injuries such as permanent brain or organ damage. Severe heatstroke can even sometimes be fatal. 

Due to unprecedented heatwaves, every year there are increased victims of heat injuries worldwide. Soldiers, endurance athletes, firefighters, industrial and construction workers are particularly at risk of heat injury. 

About ARMOR Heat Monitor

During heavy physical activity it can be hard to distinguish between being fatigued or overheated. EVALAN was therefore asked to develop an accurate and reliable heat monitoring solution. The result: The ARMOR Heat Monitor.

The ARMOR Heat Monitor collects heart rate data, estimates the core body temperature and Physiological Strain Index (PSI) with the patented ECTemp algorithm and identifies in real time when there is an increased risk of heat related injury. The system then provides immediate feedback and warning signals so that action can be taken to prevent heat injury.

ARMOR consists of:

ARMOR heat monitor components
  • An optical heart rate sensor which the user wears on his arm to allow heart rate data to be measured accurately.

  • The ARMOR device which the user must keep in their pocket or wear on the arm to allow the measurement data from the heart rate monitor to be sent to the monitoring application via the ARMOR device acting as the transmitter.

  • The ARMOR app through which supervisors get direct insight about the body core temperature and PSI score of each user.

ARMOR comes in sets of up to 25 devices. Each set is delivered with a flight case that also acts as a charging station to charge them all at once.

More about ARMOR

Patented algorithm

ARMOR provides a comfortable, non-invasive method to monitor core body temperature. 

The integrated ECTemp algorithm used to estimate core body temperature is developed by the United States Army Research Division (USARIEM) and has been extensively tested for accuracy. It is used for ARMOR Heat Monitor under license. U.S. Patent Number is 10,702,165, issued July 7, 2020. 

Real-time information

The ARMOR application provides an overview with details of all participants. For each participant, the current estimated body core temperature and the physiological strain index (PSI) are shown. The PSI is a rating of the relative heat strain on a scale of 1 to 12.

The application shows the exposure risk using a color scheme (green, orange, red) which can also be customized by the supervisor.

As soon as the heat strain of a participant is too high, the app will sound an alarm. The supervisor can then intervene immediately and initiate actions according to a defined protocol.

Implementation ARMOR Heat Monitor

Choosing ARMOR Heat Monitor means choosing an integrated company policy to prevent health damage caused by heat stress.
The policy or protocol describes how the deployment of ARMOR Heat Monitor is handled and what actions take place after being alerted by the system.

The security of personal and medical data of monitored individuals is also included in this policy.

We can advise you

At EVALAN, we have experience with the organizational and policy side of implementing ARMOR Heat Monitor. We are also happy to advise you in this area. 

ARMOR: A reliable and tested solution

ARMOR is the first Heat Monitoring System in the world to be deployed on a large scale by the army. The algorithm used for it has furthermore been extensively tested by the US military, with great results in terms of reliability.  

ARMOR is therefore rightly regarded as a thorough and proven system for heat monitoring that contributes significantly to the safety and well-being of individuals.

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