EVALAN’s Industries

Industry 4.0

We develop Packaged Solutions and Customized Solutions for Industry 4.0. Our solutions make use of different technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to help manufacturers in several industries to increase productivity, improve efficiency, prevent downtime and perform fast and accurate quality inspections.

Agriculture & Livestock

We develop IoT solutions that help farmers to work with more precision and efficiency to increase quality, achieve high profits and reduce environmental impact.

Energy & Water

We help you to manage renewable energy systems by keeping track of the assets and key parameters that lead to a successful and efficient operation. This includes predicting performance and potential anomalies.

Food & Beverage

We provide Bar and Restaurant managers with insights into consumption patterns and equipment performance through a centralized and user-friendly interface.


We help customers to achieve flawless operations by providing them with continuous and real-time data on key assets and parameters for their activities.


We developed ARMOR as a packaged and ready-to-use solution for the Army and the Firefighters. The solution can also be sold outside the Netherlands by distributors.


We develop solutions that help healthcare professionals and caregivers to monitor patients remotely and to increase their adherence to treatment. The solutions can also be sold outside of the Netherlands by distributors.

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