IoT Customized Solutions

IoT Customized Solutions


We can develop an entire IoT solution to perfectly fit your problem statement or idea.

Tell us what you need, and we will work together with you to develop a tailor-made IoT solution.

How it works

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You tell us your idea or the problem you want to solve.

We discuss the specific use case.

Receive a proposal with the specifications of the implementation.

After agreeing on a final proposal, we start developing the solution.

Have a working proof-of-concept to simulate usage scenarios.

We make sure that the system does exactly what is expected.

Let us know when you are ready to scale up.

You need a reliable IoT partner

The IoT ecosystem is complex, as solutions need to combine at least one field device, data transmission technology, a cloud application, a user interface, and data processing applications. Only a handful of companies have the competences and skills needed to offer full end-to-end customized solutions.

In EVALAN, you will find the reliable and knowledgeable partner you need to help you in every step of your IoT journey. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider in Europe.

Partner of happy customers across the world

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best results.

Looking for something else?

BACE is the gateway line created by us to help our clients build state-of-the-art IoT implementations quickly.

We’ve created full end-to-end solutions as a package to help solve common problems in different industries.

Lock Gates

Lock Gates: Towards 100% Predictive Maintenance

BACE (Build A Connection Everywhere) is the technology that can be used to collect sensor data from lock gates systems.
Pipe Network

From Drip to DRY: How IoT is transforming pipe network maintenance

We developed an Internet of Things (IoT) leak-detection system for the pipe network of Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands.
Buildings connected to the cloud

Sustainability: Buildings connected to the cloud

In the European Union, buildings are responsible for about 40% of our energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions.

The latest whitepapers

Smart Hydroponics Systems with IoT

How to Build Smart Hydroponic Systems with IoT

The following paper includes information for people who want to know what hydroponic Systems are, what the benefits and strengths are, but mainly the potential IoT can unlock for hydroponics.
Whitepaper Water Management

Sustainable water management

With increasing consumption, pollution, and climate change, the water resources of future generations are endangered. Change in water management is now needed and digitization can play a significant role in this.
Wearable revolution

A wearable revolution

Cloud-connected wearable devices will send biometric data directly to the cloud, 24/7. This innovation offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals, athletics, and physically demanding occupations.

Latest news

EVALAN to exhibit at BouwBeurs 2023

EVALAN is set to exhibit at BouwBeurs 2023, one of the Netherlands’ leading events for the construction industry. The fair will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht from the 6th to the 10th of February.  

How to Build Smart Hydroponic Systems with IoT

InfraTech2023: Successful showcase for EVALAN

Infratech 2023: Come and meet us there

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