Placed on – 4 May 2023

Prove the Efficacy of your Ammonia Control Solution for Farms

Monitor your ammonia control solution and demonstrate its effectiveness as the best path forward.
Ammonia Control Solution

Innovators, solution creators and manufacturers are rapidly jumping on the task of creating sustainable products that can help farmers in the Netherlands to reduce ammonia pollution and prove to the government that investing in innovation is the best path forward to tackle the “nitrogen compounds problem.”  

“The Dutch government is looking to introduce stricter ammonia emissions standards before the end of 2023. These will come into effect by 2025 at the latest.” 

The Need 

There are several approaches to reduce emissions of nitrogen compounds, thus resulting in several solutions being offered to farmers. These range from air scrubbers that dilute ammonia with water, to low-protein feed for animals, and microbiological sprays that minimize ammonia releases from livestock.  

For providers, it is crucial to test their solutions and products thoroughly to:  

  • Ensure their effectiveness in reducing ammonia emissions, including their long-term performance over a sustained period.  
  • Provide customized usage specifications based on each farm’s context, considering specific factors such as herd size, type of livestock, housing system and manure management practices to maximize the solution’s efficiency.  
  • Meet the needs of farmers and help to address ammonia pollution, while also advancing the development and adoption of the solution throughout the farming industry.  
  • Seek government approval or certification, if desired, to further enhance their reputation and credibility in the market.  

The Technology 

BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring is the solution created by EVALAN to help providers and product creators to monitor and test their solutions in real time before and during implementation to provide them with data-driven insights and ensure the solution’s effectiveness.  

BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring consists of three completely integrated parts: the sensors, the BACE Plus Gateway and the BACE Cloud. In it, the sensors generate the key data and measurements; the stand-alone IoT Gateway retrieves said data continuously and in real-time establishing bi-directional communication between the sensors and the cloud application, thus effectively creating an IoT data pipeline; and the BACE Cloud allows to manage and store the data collected, while providing end-to-end secure connectivity. 

BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring

The benefits 

Using BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring offers several benefits including:  

  • Accurate and real-time data. With BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring you will gain a better understanding of how your product is performing and identify potential areas of improvement.  
  • Cost-effectiveness. BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring helps you to avoid costs associated with scheduled on-site testing and monitoring, making it a cost-effective solution.  
  • Automation and proactive problem solving. By monitoring data in real time, you can proactively identify and address potential issues before they become bigger problems.  
  • Customizable usage experience. The data collected through BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring can be used to provide customized usage specifications to your customers, ensuring optimal product performance and enhancing their overall experience.  
  • Improved credibility. Using BACE Plus Smart Farm Monitoring to test and prove the effectiveness of your product demonstrates your commitment to providing evidence-based solutions, helping you to build trust and credibility with your customers.  

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