Placed on – 19 December 2022

From Drip to DRY: How IoT is transforming pipe network maintenance

We developed an Internet of Things (IoT) leak-detection system for the pipe network of Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands.

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Pipe Network

Interconnecting infrastructure with IoT so that all assets in a system can communicate with each other and exchange data is becoming increasingly prevalent, as it can address time-consuming and costly challenges such as detecting leaks in a pipe network.  


Detecting fluid leakages in pipes used by the infrastructure sector can be complex and challenging because:  

  • Their installation can make it difficult to access them for inspection or maintenance.  
  • Small leaks can lead to severe damage over time but might not be immediately visible or produce signs for a while.  
  • Older pipes have more risk of developing leaks due to corrosion or wear and tear.  
  • Infrastructure systems are complex, and the number of pipes and connections make it difficult to identify the source of leakage.  
  • Traditional methods are time-consuming, costly and require manual inspection of pipes or the use of expensive specialized equipment. 

However, IoT-based monitoring and leak detection systems offer a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. In that sense, you want an IoT solution that:  

  • Saves you time and resources.  
  • Is flexible and can handle the heterogeneity and diversity of the assets in the waterpipe system (e.g., valves, pumping stations, pipes, storage tanks, treatment plants, etc.) 
  • Will allow you to scale without complexity and without damaging the end user experience.  
  • Addresses the crucial parts of the IoT technology stack and provides you with a single point of ownership when you need support.

5 simple steps 

  1. Decide the devices. Decide which devices should be monitored by IoT and what kind of sensors or meters you need in the system. If each device speaks different IoT communication protocols, it is not a problem! 
  1. Choose the Gateway. Choose, with our advice, the gateway that best fits your needs. 
  1. Cover the entire data pipeline. Let BACE IoT cover the entire data pipeline from extracting the data of your devices, to sending, orchestrating, and providing it to the monitoring dashboard.  
  1. Integrate the information. Integrate the information easily into any monitoring dashboard, mobile application, or database via APIs or Webhooks.  
  1. Receive the data. Receive continuous and real-time data on the state of the entire network and of each device in it. 

The solution 

The IoT-based monitoring and leak detection system developed for Vitens consists of smart wireless sensors, transducers at valves, the BACE Plus Gateway, and the BACE Cloud platform.  

The sensors are distributed throughout the pipeline network to measure and monitor pressure, force, flow, and vibration in real time to remotely detect disturbances and locate failures. The data is then transmitted to the BACE platform to be organized, processed, and delivered as an API (Application Programming Interface) or Webhook to any application, system, or database you use.  

Since BACE provides the information in a consistent and neat way, it gives simplicity and flexibility to use the critical data however is necessary (e.g., catering to different stakeholders).  

Water pipes network diagram

The benefits 

With EVALAN’s solution you will be able to:  

  • Improve customer satisfaction by detecting and resolving faults quickly.  
  • Dispatch technicians to exact location of the incident and optimize limited resources
  • Reduce downtime by receiving alerts when anomalies or deviations from normal patterns are detected. 
  • Monitor and control the integrity of the network remotely and in real time from a centralized dashboard. 


With over 15 years of experience, EVALAN is the leading IoT solutions provider. Recognized among the 100 most innovative enterprises in the Netherlands and present in over 50 countries, we help clients to solve challenges and make data-driven decisions allowing them to improve efficiency, save costs and achieve sustainability goals.  

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From Drip to DRY: How IoT is transforming pipe network maintenance

We developed an Internet of Things (IoT) leak-detection system for the pipe network of Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands.
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