BACE IoT Gateways

BACE IoT Gateways


BACE is the product line created by EVALAN to help our clients create state-of-the-art IoT implementations quickly. BACE acts as the building block of any IoT project.

The BACE gateways can digitalize any hardware imaginable and create reliable bi-directional communication between the devices in the field and the cloud application. It consists of two completely integrated parts: the BACE Gateway and the BACE Cloud.


Out-of-the-box BACE supports millions of devices and integrates into your application with a few lines of code.


You will have the guarantee of a partner that has connected more than 100k devices globally. Added to the security of over-the-air (OTA) updating and 24/7 monitoring through the BACE Dashboard.


When you decide to scale from a PoC (Proof of Concept) of one device to thousands it will be done without complexity and keeping the same flow and experience you are used to.

Time to Market

Developing an IoT solution from scratch can take years, with BACE you will have a market-ready solution in a few days.

How does it work?

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BACE is available in different variants


The Integrable IoT Gateway

BACE Core can be easily integrated into your assets and products. It is thus best suited to create connected products or to monitor equipment, machines and vehicles.


The Stand-alone IoT Gateway

BACE Plus is best suited to connect your assets. This BACE module connects straight to your device via one of the several built-in protocols (like Modbus, CAN bus and a Pulse Counter), or wirelessly with Wifi Direct. It delivers LTE-M and 2G connectivity.


The Gateway for legacy devices

BACE PLUS I/O is best suited to digitalize legacy systems and sensors as it supports, among others, analogue inputs and digital inputs and outputs.


The Wearable IoT Gateway

BACE Go is best suited for continuous on-body measurements and/or remote and mobile applications. It is battery-operated and can connect to a portfolio of physiological sensors over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Partner of happy customers across the world

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best results.

Sensing capabilities

BACE can be delivered with pre-installed sensors or configured to work with external sensors depending on the use case. The sensing capabilities of our devices include:

Wide connectivity

BACE was built with connectivity in mind. It can support the following protocols and can be adapted depending on the use case:

BACE Cloud: Platform as a Service

The data from your business assets will be automatically and securely synced with the BACE Cloud and protected against data loss. The four pillars of the BACE Cloud are:

Built-in LTE cellular service that allows you to bring your devices instantly online.

Manage, monitor and configure your devices directly from the cloud.

An API endpoint or Webhook will be provided so you can access your data and use it in your software, application or database.

“Out of the box” connection with most IoT protocols: Modbus RTU & TCP, Bluetooth (BLE), CAN bus, Z-wave, Zigbee, P1, M-Bus, Wi-Fi, UART, I2C, and more.

We have end-to-end solutions for some of the most common problems in each industry.

We can also develop customized IoT solutions for your business. Let’s discuss your idea and make it a reality.

Lock Gates

Lock Gates: Towards 100% Predictive Maintenance

BACE (Build A Connection Everywhere) is the technology that can be used to collect sensor data from lock gates systems.
Pipe Network

From Drip to DRY: How IoT is transforming pipe network maintenance

We developed an Internet of Things (IoT) leak-detection system for the pipe network of Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands.
IoT connected Solar Boat

Solar Boat: IoT connected  

The IoT Gateway, BACE is the Technology used to read out the Solar Boat of Engineers of Innovation. Data of solar panels, motor and other inputs are measured.

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Whitepaper Water Management

Sustainable water management

With increasing consumption, pollution, and climate change, the water resources of future generations are endangered. Change in water management is now needed and digitization can play a significant role in this.
Wearable revolution

A wearable revolution

Cloud-connected wearable devices will send biometric data directly to the cloud, 24/7. This innovation offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals, athletics, and physically demanding occupations.

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