BACE Go – Test Kit

Each unit comes with a 6-month subscription and up to 100 MB free data. Monthly use charges will apply after that.


What is BACE Go

BACE Go is a battery powered wearable that provides real-time insight into people’s health with the push of a button, anywhere, in a safe, secure, and reliable way.  

BACE Go collects measurement data through its own built-in sensors (e.g., accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS) and makes it available in real time. BACE Go provides valuable physiological information to, for example, healthcare providers, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics.  

The data gathered by BACE Go is sent to the Cloud and is delivered through an API to directly be visualized in user-friendly dashboards on a laptop or mobile phone. 

  • BACE Go is light and un-intrusive, which is why it can be easily attached to any location on a person’s body or put inside a pocket.  
  • BACE Go connects to a portfolio of physiological sensors over BLE. 
  • BACE Go can connect to sensors that measure the key physiological parameters for your use case.  

Connection to external devices 

Low-energy wireless connection


USB type C 

Cloud connectivity 

LTE-M, 2G fall back, ChipSim, Encrypted communication 



Built-in sensors 

Accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS 


How it works

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