Industry 4.0

We develop Packaged Solutions and Customized Solutions for Industry 4.0. Our solutions make use of different technologies including IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to help manufacturers in several industries to increase productivity, improve efficiency, prevent downtime and perform fast and accurate quality inspections.

IoT Applications for Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance

IoT technology allows you to monitor and collect real-time data about the performance and condition of your machines and assets to do maintenance before any failure occurs.

Practicing predictive maintenance results in significant cost reductions, increased work safety, reduced maintenance costs, less downtime, and an extension of the operating life of the assets.

Furthermore, using IoT technology opens possibilities such as the creation of a replica in the digital format of a machine, product, process, or service (Digital Twin). With it, you can remotely detect potential problems, test new settings, and simulate scenarios.

Production Automation

Using IoT technology to automate production processes allows companies to increase efficiency and reliability, improve competitiveness and reduce costs.

Companies can, for example, connect machines and equipment to the internet enabling them to send and receive data in real time so that performance outliers or potential problems can be promptly addressed.

Companies can also integrate IoT into their original products to gather data on how their products are used in the field and how they are performing, thus opening opportunities to improve future product designs.

Inventory Management

IoT can help streamline inventory management by providing real-time data on the movement, levels and location of the inventory.

Through IoT sensors, the movement and use of material and assets can be monitored in real-time, thus keeping inventory information always updated. Sensors can measure and report on critical factors such as location, temperature, light, humidity, handling speed, and storage conditions of products. This helps businesses ensure quality, speed, and efficiency throughout their supply chains.

Shelves can also be made “smart” with IoT to measure the freshness of products as well as their storage period and conditions. By measuring the evolution of early warning parameters of perishable goods, for example, actions can be taken to reduce their shelf-life and prevent spoilage and waste. Furthermore, continuous data-driven insight helps streamline coordination between warehouse operations and various logistics providers.

In short, by using IoT, companies will have an accurate and up to date view of their inventory. As a result, they will be able to make data-driven decisions about restocking and will improve their supply chain efficiency.

Workplace Safety (Wearables)

In industry, IoT-enabled wearables can be used to improve the safety of workers as they provide continuous and real-time information about their state and condition.

A way in which smart wearables can be used for the safety of workers operating in physically demanding industries is by monitoring key physiological data (e.g., heart rate and core temperature) to prevent, for example, heat stroke.

Furthermore, smart wearables can, for example, gather real-time data about:

  • Geofencing and location on site.
  • Proximity and exposure to hazardous situations or equipment.
  • Worker’s interaction with the environment.
  • Movement patterns.
  • And physiological conditions.

Factory Monitoring

Using IoT technology to monitor a factory remotely and in real time can improve the efficiency and reliability of their processes.

IoT technology can, for example, be used to gather data on key machine performance parameters —including temperature, vibration, and materials flow— to remotely adjust them when necessary.

Quality Control

Complex production facilities need high quality inspections at every stage. Combining IoT technology with Artificial Intelligence and edge-computing makes it possible to detect even the smallest flaw in real-time.

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Industry 4.0 News

Energy & WaterIndustry

Dynamic Load Balancing for Optimization and Peak Shaving

Energy & WaterIndustry

Dynamic Load Balancing for Optimization and Peak Shaving

Exceeding contract limits used to result in an automatic increase of the agreed peak power. In the age of grid congestion it can lead to contract termination and law suits.
Energy & WaterIndustry

Announcing BACE Panel for Rapid Deployment of Assets in an IoT Platform

Energy & WaterIndustry

Announcing BACE Panel for Rapid Deployment of Assets in an IoT Platform

BACE Panel has been updated with new tools such as a library of Modbus Templates. You can also store your own Templates, to make onboarding your own assets even faster.
Food and BeverageIndustry

IoT is about Use Cases: An Industrial Bakery reduces its energy consumption by 15%

Food and BeverageIndustry

IoT is about Use Cases: An Industrial Bakery reduces its energy consumption by 15%

After installing sub-metering and temperature sensors in freezers and coolers our BACE IoT Platform delivers detailed information about the energy performance of the plant.
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Breaking Down your Energy Consumption with Sub-Metering

Energy & WaterIndustry

Breaking Down your Energy Consumption with Sub-Metering

Sub-metering delivers essential information that is needed to meet ESG objectives and comply with new regulations, such as the CSRD.

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