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IoT is about Use Cases: An Industrial Bakery reduces its energy consumption by 15%

After installing sub-metering and temperature sensors in freezers and coolers our BACE IoT Platform delivers detailed information about the energy performance of the plant.
IoT enabled Smart Industrial Kitchen

To improve the energy efficiency of its operations and reduce unnecessary losses, our customer, an industrial bakery that specializes in seasonal products, started an energy improvement program in mid-2022. To support the execution of this program, three-phase electricity meters were installed in the power supply of the main units of operation throughout the plant, and connected via Modbus with BACE IoT Gateways. This installation instantly delivered measurement data with which the first improvements could be made.

In the course of the following months, the installation was expanded with:

  • CT clamp current sensors, to track the electricity consumption of specific equipment
  • Wireless Z-Wave power plugs, to track the the electricity consumption of appliances
  • PT1000 temperature sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth temperature sensors

Finally, the BACE IoT Gateways were connected with the data loggers of the Solar Power installation and the smart electricity and gas meters.

The energy improvement program has resulted in improvements in three key areas:

  • Reduction of energy consumption per unit produced
  • Removal of power imbalance by redistributing the power consumption over the three phases
  • Automatically generated records that in future can be added to reports required under the CSRD directive

Since the start of the program overall energy consumption has been reduced by 15%. New measures are still being implemented, which will result in further reductions. As is often the case, IoT is a key enabler in getting these results. With solutions like BACE IoT, implementing real-time monitoring and data collection has become easy. This delivers key information and insights that guide the decisions about where and how to improve.

To find out more, and how installation like these can be expanded to optimization and SCADA control, check out our article on sub-metering.

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