Posted on - June 13, 2022

Evodos – IoT remote monitoring solution

Evodos specializes in producing separation technology and machines for algae manufacturers. They were looking for an IoT solution to remotely monitor the performance of their centrifuges and dynamic separation machines to increase the quality of their service.

The project

Evodos is a Dutch technology company that specializes in separation technology for algae manufacturers. They supply these machines to their customers (algae production companies) all over the world. Evodos asked us to create a management system for their dynamic separators. Since the implementation of EVALAN’s IoT solution, which allows them to systematically collect data on the operation of their machines, they improved their service, identified new use cases, and opened new markets.

The problem

Evodos had no insight into the condition of all the centrifuges that they were placing all over the world, thus wanted to monitor them remotely with an IoT solution. The lack of insight often led them to send technical support to their customers based on a predefined schedule and often unnecessarily. With our IoT solution, Evodos can monitor the performance of machines remotely and provide the right support at the right time. 

The solution

Our solution remotely collects data about the centrifuges that are used by Evodos’ clients. From all over the world centrifuges send key parameters to the central system. We manage this system for Evodos. Evodos has access to the data via a secure web portal. Now, Evodos has better insight into the operational performance of their machinery, which is used to deliver the best services to their clients. 

The key benefits

  • Remote monitoring and data collection. 
  • Access to data via a secure web portal. 
  • Provision of excellent client service thanks to remote monitoring.
algae monitoring

More information

Web portal 

With the new web portal, Evodos can select which parameters must be monitored at each step in the production cycle. They can also set the recording cycle. Evodos has remote insight into the performances of their machinery, and they can seamlessly respond to these insights to keep their clients satisfied. 

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