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We help you to manage renewable energy systems by keeping track of the assets and key parameters that lead to a successful and efficient operation. This includes predicting performance and potential anomalies.

IoT Applications for Energy & Water


IoT technology helps optimize the overall efficiency of solar power installations by continuously monitoring the key parameters that might affect the output of the system.

With IoT, you can, for example:

  • Monitor individual panels.
  • Track solar radiation intensity, humidity, and temperature.
  • Identify insulation, configuration, and alignment issues.


The real-time data gathered can be used to optimize the system’s performance and ensure that it is functioning at its maximum potential.


IoT technology provides you with data on the performance and efficiency of wind turbines. This data can be used to optimize the operation of the turbines and improve the overall energy output of a wind farm.

IoT technology can, for example, update power output models continuously and can optimize performance by combining the real-time data it collects with the weather conditions and Machine Learning processing.

Furthermore, changes in structural conditions can be predicted and addressed beforehand by undertaking demand driven maintenance, which reduces overall operational costs.


IoT technology can lead us to use water more efficiently and to significantly reduce the water footprint by helping us manage it better through the provision of real-time data.

IoT technology can, for example, help us detect leaks in pipes. Since pipe leaks can account for 20-30% of total drinking water at municipal level, IoT water leak detection technology was created to overcome the most cited problem: “finding the leaking cracks in pipelines.” To address this, IoT sensors are used to measure key parameters like vibration, pressure, flow rates, and sound waves. With the data, the IoT system can monitor water flow patterns and immediately detect deviations. Thus, leading to early detection of leaks and the prevention of water wastage.

IoT can furthermore be used to, for example:

  • Find pollutants in water.
  • Monitor water quality.
  • Improve wastewater treatment by monitoring purification activities continuously, remotely and in real time.


IoT technology can be used to optimize the operation and maintenance of geothermal systems. Since variations in the geothermal field can affect energy production, IoT can help ensure long-term stability by continuously monitoring and processing data in real time.

IoT technology can be used to monitor, for example, the power generators and turbines’ temperature, vibration, pressure, flow, and more. These data, combined with measurements from the reservoir, can be used to optimize production, predict maintenance needs, prevent accidents, and identify potential problems before they occur.


IoT technology can be used to optimize the energy production, efficiency and sustainability of biomass energy systems.

In a Biomass system, the feedstock characteristics fluctuate with parameters like total solid contents, volatile solids, pH and others affecting the production process. Monitoring pressure and temperature can prevent leaks and explosions.

Furthermore, by combining the measurement data from sensors and units of operation you can generate actionable output with Machine Learning processing. This allows the entire Biomass energy production chain to be optimized, resulting in consistent electricity production, reductions in downtime and lower costs per kWh.

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Energy & Water

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Energy & Water

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