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Smart Hydroponics Systems with IoT

How to Build Smart Hydroponic Systems with IoT

The following paper includes information for people who want to know what hydroponic Systems are, what the benefits and strengths are, but mainly the potential IoT can unlock for hydroponics.
Whitepaper Water Management

Sustainable water management

With increasing consumption, pollution, and climate change, the water resources of future generations are endangered. Change in water management is now needed and digitization can play a significant role in this.
Wearable revolution

A wearable revolution

Cloud-connected wearable devices will send biometric data directly to the cloud, 24/7. This innovation offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals, athletics, and physically demanding occupations.

Optimizing your Business with IIoT

Real-time data offers new insights that lead to the optimization of production processes. How do you use smart technology in your factory? Why do you need a smart factory? What challenges can you face while implementing IIoT? Read more in this whitepaper.
How to get your hospital or health centre wired for the age of smart care (2)

Increasing the quality of healthcare with IoT

With solutions ranging from real-time asset tracking to smart mattresses, smart technology is increasing the quality of healthcare, optimizes operational processes, increases efficiency, and improves the experience of the patient, employee, and visitor.
How modular IoT systems make going data-driven simpler than ever (2)

How to become data driven

In this whitepaper we discuss how IoT, data, and sensors are rapidly becoming an integral part of our world. With data, organizations can raise efficiency levels, optimize workflows, change how they operate and become futureproof in the process.

Biometric wearables improve the quality of people’s lives

In this whitepaper, we discuss the upswing of biometric wearables within healthcare and other demanding professions. Biometric wearables create new possibilities, such as greater efficiency and improving the quality of people’s lives.

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