BACE Plus – Test Kit

Each unit comes with a 6-month subscription and up to 100 MB free data. Monthly use charges will apply after that.

 250,00 350,00

What is BACE Plus

BACE Plus is the IoT building block for any company that wants to build state-of-the-art IoT implementations, get a connected product or digitalize part of their business in a fast, cost-effective, and easy way.  

BACE Plus is best suited to connect your assets. This BACE module connects straight to your device via one of the several built-in protocols (like ModbusCAN bus and a Pulse Counter), or wirelessly with Wifi Direct. It delivers LTE-M and 2G connectivity. 

  • Specifically built for IoT. 
  • Designed & tested with all the components required to deliver an IoT data pipeline. 
  • Always operational by one partner. 
  • Up to date security enhancements including encryption, certificates, authentication, and more. 
  • Simple: Out-of-the-box BACE Plus supports millions of devices and integrates into your application with a few lines of code. 
  • Time to Market: with BACE Plus it is now possible to create an IoT solution in days.  
  • Scalable: When you decide to scale from a proof of concept to thousands of devices it will be done without complexity and keeping the same flow and experience you are used to. 

How it works

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Choose the right solution for you

Focusing on the critical link of the IoT chain, we have created the perfect building block to help you implement any IoT project in a fast and simple way.

Based on our experience, we have packaged different components to create full solutions that address common needs in several industries.

Come to us with your idea, the challenge you want to address or the opportunity you want to seize, and we will work together with you to develop a tailor-made IoT solution.

"We solve problems with IoT solutions to give your business a competitive advantage."