The Gateway for legacy devices

BACE Plus IO was especially created to digitalize legacy systems and sensors in a quick and easy way.

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Protocols it connects to: BACE Plus IO supports Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs and Outputs, HTTP over Wi-Fi/Ethernet and Modbus RTU & TCP.











2G fallback

Optional WiFi

Encrypted Communication



Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity and presence

Modbus connection

Ethernet connection

Analog inputs

Digital inputs and Outputs

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BACE vs DIY IoT Gateway

BACE product line

BACE Core can be integrated into your assets and products. It is best suited to create connected products or to monitor equipment, machines and vehicles.

BACE Plus is best suited to connect a full range of assets and sensors as it has a flexible architecture and was developed to support most IoT protocols.

BACE Plus I/O is best suited to digitalize legacy systems and sensors as it supports, among others, analogue inputs and digital inputs and outputs.

BACE Go is best suited for battery-operated implementations, and for remote and mobile applications where continuous on-body measurements are needed. It can connect to a portfolio of physiological sensors over a low-energy wireless connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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BACE enables your enterprise to implement IoT systems in a fast, secure, and easy way. This allows you to save time, reduce costs, and avoid the risk that comes with developing such complex solutions yourself. BACE is a tested, reliable, and scalable solution that allows you to reach your goals in an easy and straightforward way.

Yes, security is our priority. To protect your data and information, and to secure the IoT system, BACE has a Secure Element and uses a state-of-the-art IoT security mechanism that has been developed by Microsoft and Microchip that is centered on protecting both the hardware and software of each device. This secure technology holds the individual encryption certificate of each specific module and is protected from physical attacks. In case of a forced attempt, the element destroys itself and the certificate, preventing any subsequent access to other parts of the system.

The BACE Module includes memory for local storage. In case of a connectivity interruption, data is stored on the module locally. When the interruption is solved, data is retrospectively sent to the cloud. To make sure none of your data is lost, tools to check if all the data has arrived correctly in the cloud are implemented. Once confirmed, the local storage will be emptied to guarantee enough space in the event of a subsequent interruption.

The BACE Cloud includes an IoT Hub, databases, a Digital Twin, an API and the management portal. It serves as a connection between the BACE modules and your platform, dashboard or enterprise system and enables you to use tools to manage the operation and the scale-up of your IoT Solution. The BACE IoT Connector supports device provisioning, adjusting configurations, over-the-air (OTA) updates and much more.

Yes, of course! BACE consists of a RESTful API, enabling you to send the collected data to your own platform. In case you do not have a platform of your own, we have the option of creating a tailor-made WebApp which can be completely customized according to your wishes.

Installing BACE requires almost no effort and time. When the connection to your asset is wireless, it is sufficient to pair the devices with one another. When the connection is wired, you need to plug in the connection cable in the BACE module and in your asset. Once the connection is established, all you need to do is power BACE through the power socket. What’s the best part? You can do most of the configuration remotely from your desk, through our digital twin tools in the BACE management portal.

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