Posted on - June 19, 2022


EVALAN developed BACE to help companies implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in a faster and easier way. BACE is an IoT building block that allows you to connect and track all your assets in a secure, reliable, and future-proof way.

The project

Increasingly more companies are realizing that collecting data with IoT adds value and can lead to new future-proof business models. Recent developments and improvements in IoT technology have ensured that standard components are available and the step to implementing IoT is getting smaller. BACE is one of those components with which an IoT solution can be created quickly and cost-effectively.

The problem

In the IoT chain, the link between the device in the field and the back end or application in the cloud is most likely to cause problems or fail. This link is often a partially wireless connection, where data travels over large distances and through systems that third parties operate. A lot of problems can occur here – from package loss and poor signal quality to security compromise and complete network access elimination due to expiring roaming agreements. There is protocol, timing, addressing, and other technical challenges. In addition to data transfer, this link needs to be able to transfer new firmware versions for “over-the-air” updating, patches, and encryption certificates.

The solution

BACE is an IoT building block that connects your assets to the cloud so you can continuously keep an eye on the performance of your assets and manage them remotely. BACE can be used as an add-on to your solution or can be integrated into your product. It is ready to deploy and can easily connect to most systems with its several built-in protocols. The data from your assets is transferable to your Enterprise Platform, Application or Database via a RESTful API, or to customized dashboards. 

We take care of every aspect of IoT connectivity so you can focus on your own value-adding services. This includes security, data transmission, device provisioning, data storage, wireless software updates, and real-time configuration synching.

The key benefits

  • With BACE, it is now possible to create the first version of the IoT solution in weeks, instead of a year or longer. 
  • As the building block is already fully tested and operational, the feasibility can focus on the rest of the IoT solution, where the uncertainties and risks are usually much less significant.  
  • BACE will start collecting data rapidly. This means that the first tangible results will be reached quickly, allowing your enterprise to assess the added value early in the process.
BACE Gateway
BACE solutions

More information

BACE Core 

BACE Core is best suited for the creation of connected products. This module can be built into your products in a quick and easy way. The integration with your electronics is made through established data protocols or minimal custom firmware development. 

BACE Plus 

BACE Plus is best suited to connect your assets. This BACE module connects straight to your device via one of the several built-in protocols (like Modbus, CAN bus and a Pulse Counter), or wirelessly with Wifi Direct. It delivers LTE-M and 2G connectivity. 

BACE Plus Io 

BACE Plus Io is best suited to digitalize legacy systems and sensors as it supports, among others, analog inputs and digital inputs and outputs.  

BACE Cloud Platform as a Service 

The BACE PaaS allows data transfers between your asset and the cloud, stores your data, and makes it available through a secure API. By connecting to the API from your Enterprise Platform you are ready for the rapid development and deployment of a scalable IoT solution. 

The BACE Cloud Platform as a Service provides you with the key functions needed in IoT security management including real-time health status information of each module, device twin, sync & state management, and structured firmware updates. 

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