Posted on - June 14, 2022

Handicart – IoT Fleet Management System

Handicart rents 780 golf carts, spread over 113 golf courses throughout the Netherlands. We developed a solution to manage their fleet more efficiently.

The project

The Handicart foundation is an organization that makes it possible for golfers with mobility problems to continue to practice the sport. By means of golf carts, Handicarts, this group remains mobile, and they continue to enjoy playing golf. The Foundation is growing fast and has more than 780 Handicarts, spread over 113 clubs. To facilitate the management of these golf carts, EVALAN developed the IoT system called MyHandicart, which controls the fleet remotely and guides the rental of the carts successfully.

The problem

Handicart had identified several problems, which led them to conclude that they needed a customized IoT solution. The first problem arose during the maintenance of the golf carts, particularly the batteries. The quality of some batteries was diminishing faster than expected and they found (during the scheduled winter maintenance) that 25% of them were not being properly charged and thus would break soon and need to be replaced, which is a costly affair. Handicart also wanted to keep track of damage to the carts and arrange repairs more efficiently. Furthermore, another important concern was the payment system for when someone rented the carts. The way in which a golf club rents out the carts varies, resulting in revenue fluctuations. For them, we developed MyHandicart a remote monitoring solution to solve all these problems.

The solution

We developed MyHandicart, a smart payment and fleet management system that enables Handicart to manage the fleet remotely and to arrange the rental of the carts more easily. The first part of this IoT solution is a warning system that provides insight into the condition of the batteries of the carts. The warning system indicates when a battery needs to be filled to improve the operational usability of the carts. The second part of the IoT solution makes it possible to report any damage to the carts quickly and easily. The Portal contains an online reservation system, to which a payment solution has been added to arrange the payment of the rental income from the carts. A cardholder can rent a cart via the Portal, and this is registered in real time when the cart has been used. 

The key benefits

  • Centralized booking system for users. 
  • Longer lifespan of carts and batteries thanks to more efficient maintenance. 
  • Remote monitoring of mileage, energy consumption, location, and more. 


Fleet management

More information

Collecting data from Handicarts 

The IoT fleet management system collects all kinds of information about the golf carts such as the number of kilometers driven, battery charging cycles, energy consumption and locations. The system displays this in real time and ensures that the Handicart Foundation keeps track of the maintenance of each cart efficiently. As a result, the Foundation extends the lifespan of the carts and prevents unnecessary maintenance costs. During the year, the condition of the batteries is clear, and a poor battery can be replaced preventively. By replacing a poor battery during a general maintenance round, they can save costs. 

“The great thing about EVALAN is that you are helped exactly where needed and that they find a solution that does not require all kinds of new things to be made. In this way you can switch to the new system much faster and benefit more from IoT and the final result.” — Dave Stenfert Kroese, director of Stichting Handicart.  

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