Posted on - June 12, 2022


UMC Utrecht asked us to develop an IoT solution to help physiotherapists gain insight into the physical load of their patients during revalidation.

The project

Physiotherapists try to guide revalidating patients and get them going as soon as possible. But how do you know whether the leg, hip, or ankle load is too light, too heavy, or just right? UMC Utrecht asked us to create an IoT solution so they can make decisions based on measured data and help patients recover better and faster.

The problem

It is difficult for healthcare providers to guide patients toward an optimal load pattern. What is the actual load that patients put on their legs during rehabilitation? In addition, the stationary systems are very expensive and only available in training rooms at specialized centers. The patient is also unable to see how best to put weight on his or her leg for a faster and better recovery. This has led to the development of SensiStep. 

The solution

SensiStep allows healthcare providers to see exactly how a patient is putting weight on his or her leg so they can provide immediate feedback. This is particularly important in the recovery process of patients who just had hip, ankle, or leg surgery. With SensiStep, the load on the legs is continuously measured, even remotely during rehabilitation at home. The solution allows physiotherapists to guide their patients based on accurate real time data, and to give instructions with scientific precision on the ideal leg loading after a hip, ankle, or leg injury. This way, their patients can recover faster and better. Patients can also get insight into how they load their legs and accordingly adjust their movement, thus allowing them to work and do sports sooner, and to get on with everyday life. This also saves them healthcare costs. 

The key benefits

  • Reduced rehabilitation time. 
  • Increased adherence.  
  • Improved quality of rehabilitation care.  
  • More active involvement of the patient in the rehabilitation process.
SensiStep system
SensiStep solution

More information

The SensiStep system 

SensiStep consists of a sandal with a sensor, a wearable device (called Sensi), and a tablet. These components communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), or Wi-Fi. The patient is given a pair of sandals with a force sensor in the sandals. This registers the axial load on the patient’s heel. The Sensi is carried by the patient. This device processes the load data from the sensor while providing feedback to the patient. The care provider receives a tablet with the StepApp. This app allows the caregiver to adjust settings, such as target load, and view the recorded data in graphs. The healthcare provider can also use a web portal to compare the data. 

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