Posted on - April 13, 2022

IoT solution to measure the physical load of soldiers

The Dutch Ministry of Defense asked us to provide a solution that prevents overburdening soldiers during exercises.

The project

In cooperation with the Royal Dutch Army and the University of Twente, EVALAN kicked off the ARMOR project. ARMOR is a National Technology Project financed by the Department of Defense of The Netherlands. During the project, a new system was developed to determine the physical condition, endurance, and resilience of military personnel during training. Different sensors were integrated into the system to record key physiological parameters of soldiers while they participate in training missions.

The problem

The work of soldiers requires enormous physical effort, and the risk of overburdening is high. The Ministry of Defense wanted to prevent absenteeism of their personnel, but they did not have a solution to objectively measure physical load. They asked EVALAN to provide an IoT solution and to manage the ARMOR (Ambulant Registration of Military Operational Readiness System) technology project.

The solution

The innovative solution we developed, including pressure sensors, provides objective information on the pressure imposed on the soldier. We integrated sensors into the army boot which allows for continuous measuring of the weight of the soldiers’ backpacks. Absenteeism can now be predicted, and measures can be taken to prevent overburdening soldiers. 

To facilitate a wider application, we developed a modular solution with hip and chest sensors in addition to the pressure sensors. This allows for multiple measurements such as body position, energy consumption, and heart rate. This combination leads to new applications and provides even more insight into the physical load of the soldiers.

The key benefits

  • Pressure sensor integrated into army boots. 
  • Making the physical strain of soldiers objectively measurable. 
  • Avoiding and making absenteeism more predictable.
Physical load

More information

ARMOR was developed by EVALAN, in collaboration with the department Trainingsgeneeskunde en Trainingsfysiologie of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the University of Twente. By using each other’s technology and knowledge we achieved the best possible solution for the ARMOR project. 

“Over the past years, EVALAN proved to be a very valuable partner to cooperate with. They are innovative, professional, flexible and enthusiastic and they implement solutions that meet our objectives.”
drs. B.J. Veenstra
Senior researcher Fysieke Selectie and Prestatiemonitoring – Defense 

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