What is the definition and meaning of IoT?

IoT is the abbreviation for ‘Internet of Things’:

(temporarily) connecting sensors and devices with the internet to exchange data. The IoT-ecosystem consisting of software, devices, sensors and internet, collects data, monitors objects and manages processes.

The possibilities with IoT are infinite

IoT & Healthcare

IoT in healthcare, sometimes called Smart health or eHealth, is the technology that medical experts use to measure and register the health or physical activity of their patients.

For example to measure biometric values, like efficacy of medication or heart rate and to keep an eye on glucose and blood values of patients.

IoT & Physically demanding sectors

IoT is also used by professionals who work in physically demanding sectors, such as athletes and soldiers. By means of biometric wearables the heart rate and average body temperature are measured.

By monitoring these body measurements serious problems can be prevented, such as injuries or heat exhaustion.

IoT & Smart Buildings

IoT is often used inside buildings to make them smart and energy efficient. IoT brings about the communication between buildings and people by a wireless sensor-system that measures the light and climate in the office space.

Personal settings are managed and activated through smart devices once a person is present. The wireless IoT-systems also detect which workstation is used and which one is free, so nobody has to search for an available desk or room.

IoT & Smart Industry

Smart Industry enables more efficient, flexible, sustainable and more customized production processes.

This is made possible by smart use of IoT, where machinery is interconnected and managed intelligently.

The sensors continuously collect data from machinery, stock, flows of liquid, pressure and vibrations to conduct quality measurements.

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