Placed on – March 10, 2020

Monitoring workspace occupation with SmartEagle – Video

Monitoring workspace occupation with SmartEagle

Together with Arend van de Stadt, we have developed an IoT solution that measures workspace occupancy, the SmartEagle. The device indicates three statuses: available, occupied or sign of life. Sign of life means that the workplace is occupied because there are personal items on the table such as a coffee cup or a laptop. The search for a workspace is made easier with the SmartEagle. With the information that is provided, the visitor or employee can see which workspace is still available.

In addition, SmartEagle provides insights to the facility manager to manage the building more efficiently, resulting in lower costs. What percentage of the spaces and which space is occupied? How can I better organize the spaces in the building? Which areas have not been used and do not need to be cleaned? These questions are answered with SmartEagle.

Do you want to know more about SmartEagle? Watch the video about this IoT-solution.

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