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Smart Solar

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Energy monitoring

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smart charging

Excess energy management

Excess energy management

IoT is revolutionizing the way we manage and monitor renewable energy. Using IoT technology to transform conventional solar installations into Smart Solar Installations significantly enhances their energy management capabilities including to use surplus energy on site and to optimize energy use based on price fluctuations.  

Furthermore, connecting solar panels, inverters, batteries, MPPTs and all the other components of a solar power installation (regardless of manufacturer) to the same IoT platform and dashboard simplifies real-time monitoring and analysis to maximize yields, avoid downtime, avoid curtailment and achieve desired ROI.  

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Smart Solar Installations

Smart Solar Installations are IoT-enabled solar power installations that allow you to: 

  • Automatically determine the best time to charge/discharge your batteries based on energy price fluctuations.
  • Make optimal use of surplus energy by using it on-site (e.g., operating other equipment) instead of exporting it to the grid.
  • Connect and monitor all devices in the solar installation —regardless of manufacturer— with a single IoT Platform and from one Dashboard.
  • Monitor other energy intensive assets in your facility such as pumps, motors or industrial fridges with the same IoT Platform and Dashboard.


The benefits are many and include:  

  • Shorter payback time and higher ROI (return on investment) by optimizing surplus energy choosing the best energy price. 
  • Utilizing surplus energy for other equipment in the facility to not give energy away. 
  • Avoiding curtailment penalties.
  • Increased energy independence. 
  • No vendor lock-in. 
  • Cost savings and higher revenues. 
  • Increased reliability, efficiency and less downtime thanks to remote monitoring.

Energy management system powered by BACE IoT

EVALAN’s solution for solar power installations addresses the needs and use cases of different customers (off-grid, on-grid and hybrid), and provides clients whose core competency is not IoT with the following benefits:

Time and resources

You will have a cost-efficient and working solution in a few days. 

Device diversity

You will be able to integrate multiple devices and components regardless of the supplier. 


You will be able to scale without complexity and without changing the end user experience. 

Just one provider

You will have a single point of contact for support. 

No vendor lock-in

No need to carefully select devices from the same manufacturer.

EVALAN’s smart solar solution powered by BACE IoT, includes:  

  • A multi-protocol IoT Gateway with built-in connectivity. 
  • A data pipeline that connects all devices in a solar power installation to the cloud to monitor and manage them remotely and in real time.
  • A user-friendly monitoring and remote management dashboard.

As shown in the diagram below, BACE IoT establishes bi-directional communication between your devices and the cloud application. It collects all the desired data from each device and provides it as an API (Application Programming Interface) or Webhook to any application or database you want.  

Since BACE IoT provides information in a consistent and neat way, it gives simplicity and flexibility to use the critical data in whichever way it is necessary, like catering to different stakeholders.  

Furthermore, if there are other energy intensive assets in the facility such as pumps, motors, or industrial fridges that you would like to monitor (even if they are not part of the solar installation), you can simultaneously do so on the same Dashboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Eagle’s benefits are fivefold. First, it allows its users to increase productivity through cost and time savings. Second, it allows its users to enhance quality and reduce operational errors. Third, it enhances safety and security. Fourth, it lowers downtime. Fifth, it enables its users to react and act faster.

Yes, the solution was designed for privacy. It will not determine a person’s identity. The only information shared will be the occupancy metadata of the workspace.

Smart Eagle adds value in three ways. First, it allows for real-time image analysis. Second, it is easily integrable into third party systems. Third, it can combine the data it retrieved with the one retrieved by other sensors and deliver it to any system.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with IoT provides the possibility to give machine learning capabilities to IoT devices without using cloud infrastructure.

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