Smart Solar Installations

Smart Solar

The integration of solar power installations with IoT technology (turning them into Smart Solar Installations) is revolutionizing the way we manage and monitor renewable energy. By connecting solar panels, inverters, batteries, MPPTs and other components of a solar power installation to the cloud, real-time data can be collected and analyzed to optimize energy production and efficiency.

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Smart Solar Installations

Connecting all components of a solar power installation to the internet strengthens the entire system and enhances its efficiency by enabling remote monitoring and real-time management of all parameters affecting energy production.

This connectivity provides valuable insights and allows for:

  • predictive maintenance 
  • downtime reduction 
  • and energy output optimization.  


EVALAN’s solution for solar power installations helps clients whose core competency is not IoT to tackle the following challenges:  

  1. Time and resources. You will have a cost-efficient and working solution in a few days.
  2. Device diversity. You will be able to integrate multiple devices and components regardless of the supplier.
  3. Scaling. You will be able to scale without complexity and without changing the end user experience.
  4. Just one provider. You will have a single point of contact for support.

More about the solution

Addressing the needs and use cases of different customers, EVALAN offers three solutions:  

  1. A solution to connect all components in the solar power installation using BACE Plus, a multi-purpose multi-protocol converter gateway.
  2. A solution to turn one asset in the solar power installation into a connected product using BACE Core, the integrable gateway.
  3. A solution for customers who are in an off-grid situation and want to have a connected system.  

Key benefits of these solutions for the customer include:  

  • Maximization of the energy production of the system.
  • Provision of better and more innovative services to their own clients.
  • Device monitoring and managing from a centralized dashboard.
  • Increased lifetime of devices.
  • Decreased maintenance costs.
  • Receiving alerts when something is underperforming, based on defined threshold criteria.
  • Pinpointing problem sources and resolving them before the operation of the system is affected.
  • Guiding new product improvements and providing better installations by using historical data.  
IoT Solar Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Eagle’s benefits are fivefold. First, it allows its users to increase productivity through cost and time savings. Second, it allows its users to enhance quality and reduce operational errors. Third, it enhances safety and security. Fourth, it lowers downtime. Fifth, it enables its users to react and act faster.

Yes, the solution was designed for privacy. It will not determine a person’s identity. The only information shared will be the occupancy metadata of the workspace.

Smart Eagle adds value in three ways. First, it allows for real-time image analysis. Second, it is easily integrable into third party systems. Third, it can combine the data it retrieved with the one retrieved by other sensors and deliver it to any system.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with IoT provides the possibility to give machine learning capabilities to IoT devices without using cloud infrastructure.

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