Zero Emission Homes

Zero Emission Homes

Zero Energy Houses need to track and monitor the energy generation and consumption of energy-intensive devices continuously and in real time to achieve —by the end of the year— the energy neutrality goal. This includes keeping track of, for example, solar panels, heating and ventilation systems, boilers, etc. For easier visualization and management, our solution shows real-time events in a user-friendly dashboard.

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About Zero Emission Homes

In many countries, governments encourage real-estate developers to build zero-energy homes through financial schemes, like subsidies. To qualify for these financial benefits, it is often needed to prove that the houses you’ve built comply with energy neutrality.

At EVALAN, we help construction companies to prove said compliance. In addition to proving neutrality, by incorporating our solution into residential complexes our clients can:

  • Monitor devices in the house to increase their uptime and to be able to predict maintenance requirements. This allows them to dispatch maintenance crews promptly.
  • Optimize the number of solar panels needed per house by analyzing power production and consumption profiles, and thus minimize costs.

Zero Emissions Remote Monitoring

Monitoring is an essential step to track your progress towards an energy neutral house. By tracking data in real time, you can optimize your housing complex’s operations and analyze the outcomes of your energy efforts to improve the energy use of the homes.

To help with this aim, our solution offers automated alerts and notifications when anomalies appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Eagle’s benefits are fivefold. First, it allows its users to increase productivity through cost and time savings. Second, it allows its users to enhance quality and reduce operational errors. Third, it enhances safety and security. Fourth, it lowers downtime. Fifth, it enables its users to react and act faster.

Yes, the solution was designed for privacy. It will not determine a person’s identity. The only information shared will be the occupancy metadata of the workspace.

Smart Eagle adds value in three ways. First, it allows for real-time image analysis. Second, it is easily integrable into third party systems. Third, it can combine the data it retrieved with the one retrieved by other sensors and deliver it to any system.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with IoT provides the possibility to give machine learning capabilities to IoT devices without using cloud infrastructure.

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