Evalan’s products are developed in a two-fold manner.

First: If we see a problem in the market for which one of our technologies can offer a solution, we immediately start developing! We then offer these products widely in the market.
Second: We work together with our customers on solutions that are specific to their situation.

These two courses of action do not exclude each other. We ‘translate’ elements from customer-specific products into solutions for a wider market and our broad solutions can also be adapted to meet the wishes of our customers.

Regardless of the angle from which a product originated, we always ensure that the solution meets your wishes. Below you can read which products we have developed so far.

IoT solutions for the six-feet society

It is important to think about how we will organize our society now Covid-19 continues to be part of it and social distancing remains.

What does this mean when offices, theaters, libraries and shops open? How do we ensure that we keep a distance of six feet? For example, how can you better organize your office and ensure that there is enough space between workplaces?

Our Distance Sensor and Proximity Badge help change the behavior of people and provide insights into how to furnish the rooms according to the measures that are taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus:

IoT badge helps people move at a safe distance in the office

Even though people will soon be allowed to go back to work sparsely, they need to keep a distance of six feet at all times. How do you ensure that the correct distance is kept between employees and visitors in the office? Evalan developed the Proximity Badge that lights up when people get too close together.

Measuring social distance in a space with SmartEagle

How can your company adapt to the 1.5-meter society within the office walls? Together with our spin-out company SmartEagle, we have developed a Distance Sensor that measures the distance between people in a room.

Is IoT the right solution for the challenges within your company?

We are always open to discuss the possibilities and to share some insights with you on how IoT can improve your services and how your company can benefit from IoT innovations.

Customized products for our customers

We are happy to tailor the products that we have developed for a broad market to create the right IoT solution for you.

Do you see a product that you are interested in, but does it not exactly meet what you are looking for or need? We would be happy to discuss the right solution with you.

Our innovative customized solutions improve the quality of life, increase efficiency and reduce costs:

Diagnose respiratory diseases with breath analysis

With the SpiroNose from Breathomix, VOCs (volatile organic components) are measured in the exhaled air to diagnose lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer and other conditions earlier. When a patient exhales in the SpiroNose, the exhaled air data enters the system and the patient’s breath profile is compared with other known breath profiles in the Breathbase.

Preventing heat stress soldiers with biometric monitor

When soldiers wear insulating clothing and exercise in locations with high temperatures or when the training intensity is very high, the dissipation of body heat through the skin may not be sufficient and the body core temperature may rise to unhealthy levels. We have developed ARMOR, a device that measures the core temperature of the body during a training routine and helps to detect heat stress in time.


IoT-device to measure workspace occupation

Everyone recognizes it. You are looking for a workplace to study, meet or work, but all places are already occupied when you arrive. No matter how early you are, most places are often already forgiven, so you have to look for a new workplace in another office building. Evalan has developed an IoT solution in collaboration with Arend van de Stadt, entrepreneur in vision systems: SmartEagle, an IoT device that measure workspace occupancy.

SmartBuilding Eindhoven

Smart Building infrastructure to produce a more efficient, more sustainable and cheaper building

bGrid is a smart building solution that focuses on designing buildings that are beneficial for the environment, the users of the building and the building owners. bGrid provides an intelligent sensor platform that collects data from buildings and provides access to various third-party apps. Using bGrid’s smart sensor network, companies are able to optimize occupancy rates, improve comfort and increase employee satisfaction.

AstraZeneca – Improve adherence with IoT application

Improving therapy adherence with smart pill dispenser

For many patients it can be difficult to take medication according to the schedule that the doctor has prescribed. Irregular schedules,  when patients have no complaints, suffer from side effects of the medication or simply forget it, therapy adherence is a difficult task.

Evalan developed a smart medication dispenser Sensemedic to monitor and improve patient compliance.

UMC Utrecht – Real time monitoring strain in revalidation with IoT

Real time monitoring leg loading in revalidation

Physical therapists try to guide their rehabilitating patients as well as possible and get them back on their feet as soon as possible. But how do you know if the leg, hip or ankle load is too light, too heavy or just right? UMC Utrecht asked us to come up with a solution for this so that rehabilitation is based on data and clear decisions. Our solution is a smart IoT application that monitors the load in real time: SensiStep.

What is your IoT challenge?

Do you have an IoT idea or issue about measuring, monitoring, analysing or managing your systems? In consultation with you we gladly seek for a customized solution.