Our innovative IoT solutions and applications

The IoT solutions and applications listed below, are examples of our projects: clients shared their issue, we designed, implemented and managed the solution.

The EU project EnSO focuses on innovative energy technology that Evalan has implemented in a wearable and sensor node. This combination results in our Smart Care solution.
It is unclear what the effect of the heavy training and deployments is on the health of soldiers. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, we have developed a biometric monitor that measures the heat stress of soldiers.
The SpiroNose from Breathomix analyzes exhaled air to diagnose respiratory diseases. This can be used to start personalized treatments. Evalan was asked to develop the sensor system and a secure data gateway and improve the design of the SpiroNose.
How do you ensure that the correct distance is kept between employees and visitors in the office? Evalan developed the Proximity Badge that lights up when people get too close together.
Together with our spin-out company SmartEagle, we have developed a Distance Sensor that measures the distance between people in a room.
Together with Arend van de Stadt, we have developed SmartEagle. SmartEagle is an IoT solution that monitors workspace occupation and makes the search for a workplace more efficient.
OVG Real Estate created a concept for a smart building. We developed and implemented the technical solution that enables this concept.
The Department of Defence asked us to provide a solution that measures the physical strain of soldiers during exercises.
UMC Utrecht asked us to develop an IoT solution that helps physiotherapists gain insight into the physical load of their patients during revalidation.
AstraZeneca asked us for a smart solution to improve the use of medicines by patients. We developed, delivered and now maintain a smart dispenser to improve medication adherence
Rijksvastgoedbedrijf was looking for a solution that would allow them to automatically control the indoor climate and achieve their sustainability goals.
Shifter was looking for an IoT solution that easily and accurately records the presence and absence of (temporary) employees and provides direct insight into the hours.

What is your IoT challenge?

Is IoT the right solution for the challenges within your company? We are always open to discuss the possibilities and to share some insights with you on how IoT can improve your services and how your company can benefit from IoT innovations.