Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring system

Gain in-depth understanding of energy use by device and time

Assess each type of solar installation profitability

Comply with the EU's energy efficiency regulations

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of energy use by device and time of day.
  • Estimate the payback period for your solar installation investment and determine whether a hybrid system with a battery is a worthwhile investment. Our system can be easily upgraded to a smart solar installation to improve efficiency further.
  • Comply with EU energy efficiency regulations for energy monitoring and optimization in each country.
  • Combat energy theft and inaccurate billing.
  • Optimize the performance of energy assets.

Did you know that businesses with high energy consumption across the EU must adhere to the Energy Efficiency Directive and its targets? While its application varies from country to country, businesses within certain energy consumption thresholds are encouraged to monitor, optimize, and reduce their energy usage.

Our advanced energy monitoring system enables you to effortlessly monitor consumption at a granular level for each device and by the hour.

By understanding your energy consumption, you can take the initial step towards improving efficiency and determining the potential benefits of installing a solar energy system, either with or without batteries. This will enable you to evaluate the financial returns and calculate the length of time required to recover your initial investment.

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Energy management system powered by BACE IoT

EVALAN’s energy monitoring solution includes our proprietary IoT gateway BACE, smart plugs for each socket you want to monitor or an energy meter in the electric panel, and a user-friendly dashboard to visualize the data.

  • BACE IoT Gateway: Integrates with your electricity and/or gas smart meter and with the smart plugs or energy meters. It recurrently collects the measurement from the devices and provides connectivity to upload all the data to the cloud.
  • Energy meters or smart plugs: These devices provide the ability to monitor consumption from individual sockets or devices, enabling a comparison of each device’s energy usage with the overall consumption recorded by the smart meter across various time intervals.
  • A user-friendly customizable monitoring dashboard.


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Energy dashboard

Our energy dashboard allows you to effortlessly monitor and visualize:

  • Total energy and/or gas consumption from the smart meter.
  • Consumption from each device you want to monitor.


As illustrated above, BACE IoT establishes bi-directional communication between your devices and the cloud application. It collects energy consumption data from the smart meter (totals) and energy meters or smart plugs (each device), displaying it on an online dashboard. The data is also delivered via API (Application Programming Interface) or Webhook for building your own applications.

Do you already have a solar installation? In that case, you should check our Smart Solar Installation product, which also includes energy monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will receive a kit containing a pre-configured BACE Plus unit, a P1 cable for connecting it to the smart meter, and either energy meters to be installed inside the electrical panels for monitoring multiple devices individually or smart plugs for monitoring sockets with fixed devices plugged into them. The energy meters would connect to BACE using Modbus, while the smart plugs can be connected via Bluetooth.

For this solution, you will only need the P1 protocol to connect BACE to the smart meter and Bluetooth or Modbus to connect the smart plugs or energy meters. In addition to these protocols, BACE Plus supports Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus, TCP socket via Wi-Fi, UART, RS232, I2C, CAN bus, Pulse counting, and LoRa.

If your business consumes a significant amount of energy, this system will help you to better understand and optimize your energy usage. It will also assist you in complying with the new regulations being implemented in most EU countries to reduce energy consumption and transition towards green energy sources. 

Gaining deeper insights into your business’s energy consumption per hour and per device will help you to better understand usage patterns and estimate how much energy could be replaced with solar power, as well as how long it would take to recover the investment. This information will also assist you in determining whether a hybrid solar system with or without a battery might be more suitable for your needs. 

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