Smart Bars & Restaurants

Smart Bars & Restaurants

Our connected solutions for bars and restaurants allow owners and employees to get insights into behaviors and trends, streamline operations, and to better control dispensing activities, among other things.

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About our Smart Bar and Restaurant solutions

New beer system

We developed a new beer system so that bars and restaurants can easily switch from kegs to chilled beer tanks. The system makes CO2 cylinders redundant and has introduced other innovations such as remote monitoring of key data via telemetry.

The system consists of sensors that measure the beer volume, the temperature and other key parameters needed to ensure quality. These data are sent to a user-friendly interface and are instantly available in a secure web portal. The data displayed on the web portal is up-to-date and reliable and shows each user only the data they are interested in.

The solution allows for immediate action if the beer is running low somewhere or if there are deviations in key parameters (e.g., temperature).

Key benefits include:

  • Real time quality monitoring and immediate detection of deviations.
  • Efficiency and accuracy in planning and deliveries.
  • Cost saving in logistics.

Connected Bar

The solution provides managers with insights into consumption patterns and gives the opportunity to monitor the performance of equipment such as fridges, draughts for beer and coolers.

The solution delivers data from various sensors and equipment into one central cloud system. The data is made visual in a user-friendly dashboard to key stakeholder.

Key benefits include:

  • Remote monitoring of critical equipment in real time.
  • Prediction and prevention of downtime.
  • The possibility to oversee the performance of all equipment continuously and in real time through a centralized system.
  • Being able to find issue areas and to immediately implement corrective actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Smart Eagle’s benefits are fivefold. First, it allows its users to increase productivity through cost and time savings. Second, it allows its users to enhance quality and reduce operational errors. Third, it enhances safety and security. Fourth, it lowers downtime. Fifth, it enables its users to react and act faster.

Yes, the solution was designed for privacy. It will not determine a person’s identity. The only information shared will be the occupancy metadata of the workspace.

Smart Eagle adds value in three ways. First, it allows for real-time image analysis. Second, it is easily integrable into third party systems. Third, it can combine the data it retrieved with the one retrieved by other sensors and deliver it to any system.

Coupling Artificial Intelligence with IoT provides the possibility to give machine learning capabilities to IoT devices without using cloud infrastructure.

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