ARMOR Heat Monitor Flight Case – Up to 25 units per case

Each unit comes with a 6-month subscription and up to 100 MB free data. Monthly use charges will apply after that.

What is ARMOR

The ARMOR Heat Monitor is a device developed to prevent heat injury in people working in physically demanding environments (e.g., military personnel, firefighters, construction and industrial workers). In that sense, ARMOR monitors the core body temperature and physical strain in real time while a person is undergoing strenuous activity.  

In physically demanding sectors, heat stress is a significant problem and a concern. Heavy gear, protective clothing, and strenuous physical exertion cause the core body temperature to rise sharply. When combined with situations where the body cannot sufficiently dissipate heat (e.g., high humidity, lack of wind or high temperature) the risk of heat injury increases.  

The consequences of this can be serious: think of disorientation, loss of consciousness, or seizures. These heat-related injuries can lead to permanent health damage and even death.  

  • The solution consists of a heart rate monitor, an ARMOR transmitter, and the ARMOR monitoring application.  
  • One set can monitor up to 10 people in real time.  
  • To monitor core body temperature, ARMOR uses a patented algorithm (ECTemp). 

The ARMOR Heat Monitor measures the heart rate with a standard Bluetooth sensor. The data is processed with the patented ECTemp algorithm, resulting in an accurate estimate of core body temperature. This integrated ECTemp algorithm used to estimate core body temperature is developed by the United States Army Research Division (USARIEM) and has been extensively tested for accuracy. It is used for ARMOR Heat Monitor under license. 

The ARMOR app shows the current estimated core body temperature and the PSI. The app identifies the risks to the participants using a color scheme (green, orange, red) that can be customized by the supervisor. 

The ARMOR heat monitor has been tested in various training situations by the Dutch army. Now, more than 2,000 ARMOR Heat Monitor systems are in use at Defense training centers in the Netherlands. 

How it works

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