Posted on - June 14, 2022


For AstraZeneca, we developed smart medication dispensers with IoT. The objective: (better) monitoring of medicine use by patients and adherence improvement.

The project

AstraZeneca asked us for a smart solution to improve the use of medicines by patients. Poor adherence or non-adherence to medications includes all patients who do not start their prescribed therapy at all, discontinue it prematurely, or take their medications in doses or frequencies different from the clinician’s prescription. We developed a smart medication dispenser that monitors the intake behavior of patients remotely. The real-time information that is collected by the dispenser makes it possible for healthcare professionals to guide and support patients more specifically by working from the existing behavior towards a better intake pattern.

The problem

Many patients find it difficult to take their medication according to the schedule that the doctor has given them. If the schedules for the medications are irregular, breaks are inserted or there are many different types of medication to be taken, adherence can be very challenging.  

Furthermore, hospital staff and caregivers did not have the right tools or data to track and analyze the medication intake of their patients. Different devices in the market have tried to improve therapy adherence, still a simple dispenser with an alarm to alert patients when it is time to take their medication is not enough: a combination of remembering the medication intake and support from healthcare professionals is needed. In that sense, EVALAN developed Sensemedic, an IoT solution that helps patients to adhere to their medication intake through multilateral support. 

The solution

Sensemedic is a smart medication dispenser that monitors intake behavior in real time and helps to improve therapy adherence. Patients store their medication inside the Sensemedic dispenser, and together with the healthcare professional, the intake moments are defined. Each time a patient opens the smart dispenser, a signal is sent to the Sensemedic server. When a patient forgets to take the medicine, the patient is reminded via a text message. The healthcare professionals have access to the Sensemedic web portal in which they have an overview of the patient’s therapy adherence. The data offers many insights into medicine use and new treatment styles. 

The key benefits

  • Increased adherence. 
  •  Patients recovering better and faster.
  • A better understanding of existing behavior and intake patterns, which leads to better supervision. 
  • Automatic reminders are sent to patients to remind them to take their medicine. 
Smart pill dispenser

More information

Smart reminding 

Each time a patient opens the smart dispenser, a signal is sent to the Sensemedic server. When a patient forgets to take the medicine, the patient is reminded via a text message. Only when the patient has forgotten a pill a text message is sent. These text messages are automatically sent within one hour of the elapsed intake time. This method has proven to be highly effective.  

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