Posted on - June 6, 2022

Smart Care Solution

The EU project EnSO focused on innovative energy technology that EVALAN implemented in a wearable and sensor node. This combination resulted in our Smart Care solution.

The project

During the EnSO project, research was done on state-of-the-art micro batteries, different ways of energy harvesting and power conditioning. Within this project, EVALAN applied the developed energy technologies in two IoT solutions, the wearable sensor and the bGrid node. This resulted in a Smart Care solution that can create new opportunities for healthcare.

The problem

All IoT solutions require energy to collect and transfer data. It is important that these solutions become autonomous and that they do not require batteries or a network connection to continue to generate data. Using the micro batteries developed in this project, EVALAN built a smart care solution to continuously support healthcare professionals. 

The solution

Our Smart Care solution consists of smart building functionalities combined and complemented with functions of wearable devices. By implementing the Smart Care solution, the healthcare professional can locate patients, detect falls and monitor patient activity. Monitoring these parameters helps to ensure patient safety. The wearables can also be attached to healthcare objects to collect and monitor data about medicines, hospital beds or insulin pumps. This way healthcare professionals can find a tool faster and save valuable time. 

The key benefits

  • Locating patients and detecting falls immediately. 
  • Ensuring patient safety. 
  • Finding tools faster and saving valuable time. 
EnSO Hospital
EnSO Project

More information

Extending battery life with photovoltaic cells 

EVALAN’s smart building solution consists of a network of sensors that monitor temperature and humidity and locate people, among other things. The solution’s node is now powered by a Solems photovoltaic cell so that it can operate completely autonomously. This cell uses indoor lighting to power the battery. The implementation of the innovative technology in the smart building node has led to an extension of the battery life. 

In addition to the smart building sensor network, EVALAN has applied the energy technology to a wearable sensor, that measures all kinds of physiological values such as heart rate, temperature, and hydration. In addition, the wearable sensor can also detect the position of the chest and location of a patient. With EnSO’s micro-batteries, this sensor requires less energy to perform the same functions. 

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