Improve logistics process and increase quality with IoT

Heineken was looking for an IoT solution to monitor beer stocks so that they can improve the logistics process and increase quality.

Heineken developed a new beer system with which bars and restaurants can easily switch from kegs to chilled beer tanks, and which makes the use of CO2 cylinders redundant. This system also introduced other innovations, such as remote monitoring of data through telemetry. Heineken asked us to significantly improve the remote monitoring system and to take over the operational management of the system.

Displaying up-to-date and reliable data

We replaced the user interface with a user-friendly web portal and implemented software changes to increase reliability. The data displayed on the web portal is now up-to-date and reliable and shows each user the data of interest.

Beer tanks with sensors

The system we (re)developed for Heineken consists of sensors. They measure the beer volume, temperature and other quality parameters and these measurements are sent to our user-friendly interface.

Instant comprehensible information

We based our development specifically on the wishes of the users. All measurement data is instantly available in the new, secured web portal; the data is automatically translated into understandable information. This allows for immediate action if the beer is running low somewhere or the temperature deviates.

Software improvement

In addition to the web portal we also significantly improved the software. The information is now much more reliable. The improvements to the web portal and the software ensure that:

  • The quality is monitored much more accurately
  • The web portal is used a lot more by the employees
  • The planning of deliveries to outlets proceeds a lot more efficient and accurate


  • Identify deviating quality instantly
  • Better delivery planning to outlets
  • Cost saving in logistics
  • User-friendly interface, tailor-made, in line with the KPIs
Heineken – Monitoring beer stock and quality

Sensors measure beer volume, temperature and other quality parameters.


The data displayed on the web portal is now up-to-date and reliable and shows each user the data that are of interest.

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