IoT solution prevents heat stress soldiers

It is unclear what the effects are of the heavy trainings and deployments on the health of soldiers. The Ministry of Defence asked Evalan to help and together we worked on developing a biometric monitor.

Heat stress is a serious problem among soldiers. They are often sent to destinations with high temperatures where they have to travel long distances on foot with heavy backpacks. The consequences are serious, think of disorientation, seizures or permanent brain damage. Firstly, Evalan was asked to produce a use case for the physical overload of soldiers. During this project, the heat stress issue was mentioned which resulted in an expansion of the former use case into the second use case, the ARMOR Heat Stress monitor.

Measuring various bodily functions

Evalan developed the Heat Stress monitor for the technology project ARMOR (Ambulant Registration of Military Operational Readiness System). The monitor measures physiological parameters:

  • Heart rate
  • Average body temperature
  • Physical Strain Index (PSI)

By means of a sensor in the wearable which serves as an optical heart rate monitor, the measurements of the soldier are monitored by an associated device. This device is connected to an app in which all the measurements can be viewed by the sergeant or trainer.

Inducement for a medical check

If the heat stress value reaches a certain threshold, the monitor alerts the supervisor who can take appropriate action. The monitor serves as inducement for a medical check and prevents heat stress.

Collaboration and support

The ARMOR Heat Stress monitor is used in research setting by the Ministry of Defence. In collaboration with the department Trainingsgeneeskunde and Trainingsfysiologie of Defense we are working on the validation of the product.


  • Real time monitoring bodily functions soldiers
  • Preventing heat stress
  • Alarm to check on soldier

The device that monitors the physiological parameters


The wearable that serves as an optical heart rate monitor

Evalan measures physical burdening Military

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The Dutch Ministry of Defence has asked us to help and together we have worked on the development of a biometric monitor.
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