Real time monitoring leg loading in revalidation with IoT.

UMC Utrecht asked us to develop an IoT solution that helps physiotherapists gain insight into the physical load of their patients during revalidation.

Physiotherapists try to guide revalidating patients as much as possible and get them going as soon as possible. But how do you know whether the leg, hip or ankle load is too light, too heavy or just right? UMC Utrecht asked us to create an IoT solution so revalidation based on measurement data and clear decisions can be made.

Real time feedback about leg loading

Our solution is a smart IoT application that monitors the load on a leg in real time: SensiStep. SensiStep ensures the revalidation proceed safely and more successful. SensiStep consists of a sandal with sensors, a wearable, a tablet and a web portal.

Together these provide real time feedback on the strain for both the physiotherapist and the patient. This allows for physiotherapists to guide their patients based on accurate data and to give instructions with scientific precision on the ideal leg loading after a hip, ankle or leg injury.

No more uncertainty

Not only the physiotherapist can guide patients with a lot more certainty. The patient is also a lot more confident. Practice shows that many patients have difficulty to follow advice on the load on their affected joints. Thanks to the instant feedback of the SensiStep system, patients now know exactly whether the load is right.

Better and faster recovery

Through better guidance and instant feedback patients recover faster and better. They can start working and do sports sooner and get on with everyday life. It also saves healthcare costs.


  • Real time feedback on the load on a patients leg
  • Patients are sure that they properly exert force on their leg
  • Healthcare provider can adjust settings and compare data

UMC Utrecht about SensiStep

“At a glance I can see whether my patient exercises the right strain on the leg during and after the therapy.”

UMC Utrecht – Real time monitoring strain in revalidation with IoT

Sandals with sesors


Sensi sends the data


Tablet with StepApp

Watch the video

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