Remote monitoring system in separation technology

Evodos is a world leader in separation solutions for algae producers.

This market is growing rapidly. This was the reason for Evodos to introduce a new line of centrifuges. They asked us for a solution to remotely monitor the performances of this machinery.

We developed a tailor-made remote monitoring system.

The system collects data about the centrifuges that are used by Evodos’ clients. The data is transmitted to a central server. Evodos has access to the data via a secured web portal.

Now Evodos has better insight into the operational performances of the machinery, which is used to deliver the best services to their clients.

Excellent service thanks to remote monitoring

If you are a world leader, you want to remain a world leader. This also applies to Evodos, operating in the rapidly growing algae market. They provide centrifuges that separate substance from liquids. Or two liquids from a mixture.

Their clients are algae production companies around the world. To deliver the best service is a major challenge for Evodos.

Key parameters remotely insightful

Evodos came to us with the request to develop a remote monitoring system, that would enable them to provide the best service.

This system has been developed: from all over the world centrifuges send all kinds of parameters to one central system. A system that we manage for them.

This way, Evodos has remote insight into the performances of their machinery and they can seamlessly respond to these insights to keep their clients satisfied.


  • Remote collection of data
  • Access to data via secured web portal
  • Excellent service thanks to remote insight

Web portal with user-friendly interface

All data can be approached by Evodos via a secured web portal. They can select which parameters must be monitored at each step in the production cycle.

They can also set the recording cycle. Now the data are sent two times a day. But they can also switch to real time monitoring.

Evodos – Remote monitoring system in separation technology

Are you interested in what a remote monitoring system can do for you?

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