Developing a secure data gateway for SpiroNose

The SpiroNose from Breathomix analyzes exhaled air to diagnose respiratory diseases. This can be used to start personalized treatments. Evalan was asked to develop the sensor system and a secure data gateway and improve the design of the SpiroNose.

With the SpiroNose from Breathomix, VOCs (volatile organic components) are measured in the exhalated air to diagnose lung diseases such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer and other respiratory conditions. The breath sensor values are analyzed and corrected for the ambient air to create a breath profile for each patient. These breath profiles are compared with the breath profiles in the Breathbase. Evalan is gevraagd om het sensorsysteem en een veilige data gateway te ontwikkelen en daarnaast het design van de SpiroNose te verbeteren.

The sensor system and a secure data gateway

Evalan is responsible for all physical parts of the SpiroNosethe sensor system and a secure data gateway. The cloud solution, databases and portal for doctors are developed by Microsoft and TecknoworksDuring development, the design was improved and the hardware was made suitable for use in healthcare practice.

Comparing the patient’s breath profile with known breath profiles

When a patient exhales in the SpiroNose, the exhaled air data is sent to the system and the patient’s breath profile is compared with other known breath profiles in the Breathbase. By searching for patterns and similarities, the AI algorithm can deliver instant results with over 90% accuracy. 

Further development

Evalan is currently investigating the possibility of integrating a flow sensor in the electronic nose that can measure the flow rate of respiration. This flow sensor measures whether each patient exhales the correct amount of air and makes it possible to standardize the analyzes. It increases the accuracy of the diagnosis. 

Goal: Standard medical measurement

The first series of SpiroNoses have been produced and delivered to various hospitals that will conduct research with the devices. Ultimately, the goal is for the SpiroNose to become a standard medical measurement. Not in the hospital but at the doctor. 


  • Recognize lung diseases faster by means of the exhaled air
  • A more personal and targeted treatment based on the established breathing profile
  • Accuracy of over 90% 



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